How to rejuvenate and age to the actors in the movies

The characters in the film and television series live in accordance with particular laws of space and time. To show the viewer a scene of the childhood of the hero, the director needs only to find a child like that. But what happens if an adult or elder must be transferred in the years of his youth?

Great.a guru figured out how to “return” to the youth, the protagonists of movies and what difficulties they have to face the creators to carry out that process.

Who creates the special effects in the movies

In the era where digital technologies were not developed enough, all of the great reincarnations were created by makeup artists, which also belongs to the category of special effects. In addition, the grain photo also helped the professionals to hide any imperfections.

It has always been easier to rejuvenate as the actor aged, because that’s not just about adding wrinkles drawn and wigs gray. In the photo above, Rachel, from the series “Friends”, it was moved to the high school. In that case, the make-up artist worked helps the hairstyle and the clothes old-fashioned, in addition of a detail that attracts attention: a large nose. But this television program is not aspired to be the winner of the “Oscar” best special effects, that’s why the members of the production team not endeavored too to achieve a good result.

Now, the quality of the equipment of cinema has advanced: we can see a video in such a high resolution that is displayed to the pores on the face of the person. The girls know that even a thick layer of base fluid is a kind of mask, but a makeup abundant it will be too noticeable, especially in an actor. Fortunately, digital technologies began to be developed too quickly. Now, the work of teachers in special effects is called “digital makeup”.

Huge work — different results

The standard of the rejuvenation digital is now considered a scene with Kurt Russell in the movie “Guardians of the Galaxy. Vol. 2”. His character is very dynamic, speaks and conveys emotions constantly. This effect was achieved with the help of makeup and computer technologies special (called CGI). To please the masters of digital makeup was also the fact that Kurt Russell is ageing gracefully and the shape of your face has not changed much over the years.

First, in the necessary scenes appeared Kurt Russell with the makeup job, and then their gestures and facial expressions were repeated by a young actor with facial features similar to: Aaron Schwartz. His young skin was “transplanted” to Russell. According to the creators, it took them several months to finish the whole process.

The rejuvenation of Russell, like other special effects in many popular films, was conducted by the study Lola VFX. Another masterpiece of digital art was moving at the time of Michael Douglas in the movie “Man Ant”, 2015. The actor of 70 years had to look 25 years younger. Were unacceptable defects in the work, as millions of viewers remember how you looked him in his youth.

The work of the artist was similar to that of a plastic surgeon. With age, the human skin is sinking, especially on the eyelids, cheeks and lips, and ears grow throughout life. The teachers worked on the skin of Douglas, adding elasticity and “youth”.

The young man Douglas was very believable. However, when he begins to speak, the lower part of the face still looks a little unnatural.

The artificiality of the special effects, it is sometimes very noticeable, especially in the moment in which the character is scanned begins to speak. Therefore, the flashbacks in the films are often short, and the hero does not speak much. For example, in the movie “war of the galaxies”, the princess digital Leia only said one word, but his face still seemed to be unreal to many.

The teachers of the special effects showed incredible results in 2008, when all the world was conquered by the movie “The curious case of Benjamin Button”. The main character, played by Brad Pitt, is born as an old man and throughout his life becomes more young. Many people mistakenly believe that Pitt was rouged. The Button “old” was created by the incredible effort of several people.

First had to digitize the facial expressions of Pitt. Then, the sculptor created 3 models of the head of the hero in different ages, and also digitised. In the end, the specialists in special effects moved the mimic of the actor to those models. The body of the “old” Button, for its part, was played by two people of the proper height.

Much time is spent on the creation of special effects of high quality. For example, to rejuvenate the two characters who appear in the video below, a talented digital artist I need about 3 weeks.

Studio Lola VFX also rejuvenated Captain Jack Sparrow, although some fans noticed a lack of naturalness in their facial expressions.

But the digital copies of the characters does not fit all. Some critics believe that the audience even gets to test the naturalness of the characters. It is much better to turn to young players with similar features in such scenes. After all, in order to rejuvenate the characters of Depp and Russell, had to involve actors alternates: Anthony De La Torre and Aaron Schwartz.

In any case, the viewer understands that you are watching a movie and that the rejuvenation or aging of the actor is artificial.

What do you think? How to shoot this type of scenes, it is more appropriate to resort to an alternate young or to digital technologies?

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