How to know if a man is in love with you

It is no secret that men and women show their feelings differently. While the woman waits for an avalanche of confessions of love, the knight barely manages softly on the tuft of it, that is why it is very easy to get confused. will show true signs to know that your man wants you. What points do you recognize you?

1. It listens to you

How often do we tell people boring stories and will share insignificant details? Always! An educated person listens and nods her head, but not paying much attention to what you say.

If a man remembers perfectly the stories of your family and relatives, then it really gives importance to your words. He really listens to you. His desire to be closer to what helps you to remember all the information that has to do with you. It is a quality that is rare and valuable.

2. It is capable of yielding

A man in love is ready to admit their own error and compromise, but it is a real test for the male sex. Respects the opinion of his wife, for he is thy opinion is not a zero to the left, that is why it is able to make concessions, forgetting their obstinacy. If he loaned you his car, everything is clear, isn’t it?.

3. Is always ready to fix something

Or call the right person. The most important thing is that everything he does that himself and don’t care. If you’re with a loving man, you can forget about where the hammer is or where you place the bulb. He thinks it is a good opportunity to demonstrate your skills and that he will be a husband perfect. By the way, it is enough to ask only once to do something. If you do so, it is a excellent indicator that you do care.

4. It is not against to talk to your loved ones

The meeting with the loved ones of your other half always gives fear and causes emotions, but the man that you really wants is ready to pass any test and be together. Whether it is a meeting with your dad ex-military, or with a grandmother very strict.

He tries to love all and are ready to continue the communication in any moment, because he loves you, respects you, your loved ones and understands that you can become of their relatives.

5. Question your opinion when choosing a garment

Men also want to cause charm. It is possible that he only think that you have good taste and that you get along with the fashion. However, if the man asks if you like how you see such a garment, then want what you admire.

6. Would like to go with you to any side

The things that are boring and mandatory part of our life. If your man is ready for a visit to all these banks, shops boring and business, does not mean that this interests you. He just wants to spend as much time as possible with you.

7. Kitchen to please you

If a man does eat to please you, then it is love. In most cases, so the man prepared something, you have to get out of your comfort zone and make it only for you.

8. Plans to travel and not forget appointments

The majority of men tends to act spontaneously, while women tend to plan everything. The men in love what they take into account and organize events and extraordinary surprises in advance, that will bring you joy.

Many people know the days that suddenly your face turned gray, dark circles under the eyes appear larger and the grain is about to come out in the most visible spot. The man in love always commended your beauty, because you want to not by your appearance. At best, you really do not notice changes in your appearance.

10. Will make any sacrifice for you

If he changes your plans, it is just to make you happy. If you get sick, cancels an important meeting. This is also a manifestation of his love. Therefore, it shows that you give importance.

11. You are proud of your accomplishments and is ready to support your crazy ideas

The successes of a beloved woman are always perceived as personal achievements to the man. He never competes with it and not envy, but aims to celebrate the victory together.

Well, if you want chocolate at three in the morning or you’re going on a mission of pilgrimage to India, he will do so with you. Doesn’t this love?

12. Fight for your love and cares for you

In the difficult moments during the fights, when you’re bothered by something or you are jealous, he will not ignore it, but to do everything possible to have peace and happiness because he’s afraid of losing you.

No matter what happens in your life, your man will always be on your side. If you get sick, you take care and if you’re sad, it will make you laugh and cry with you. Share your plans, aspirations and dreams, because you want to spend all life with you.

13. Not afraid to seem weak

A true test for the men is to show weakness. But if you want to, will not give you shame to drop a tear during a sad movie, claiming that you are tired. The most important thing is to admit that you have fear of losing you, because you are his main weakness and strength.

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