How to see the salon of airplane more luxurious than exists at this time

Speaking of the plane’s most luxurious modernity, we mean one that does sell tickets for its flights. Is Boeing Business Jet 787 VIP. Your clients will say “the house of luxury flying“. And despite the fact that, according to the administration, this plane is designed with ”elegance diminished“, his room is filled with fine details that speak for themselves.

In we are confident that their designers are not “demeaned” anything. The living room of the real plane looks fantastic!

The executive director of Kestrel Aviation Stephen Vella in the lounge of BBJ 787 VIP.

Welcome aboard! Perhaps you could assume that this is the entrance to an airplane? To a beauty salon or a home could be, but do to a plane?

The feeling of comfort in the room is achieved thanks to the soft lighting, the furniture, the windows, the presence of many live flowers and pillows.

And this is a big bed in a bedroom true. On a plane. Must be an incredible feeling, sleeping on a massive bed to a height of several thousands of meters above the ground.

It also features a private shower! Surely it is another pleasure: swimming in conditions as extraordinary.

The flowers on the sill, a makeshift, a candle. If it weren’t for windows, you might think that it is a room in a hotel.

And this part of the room is like a living room, so inviting to talk to. We imagine that in this environment establishing new business relationships on a global scale.

Floor lamps, blankets. The designers of the interior of this aircraft know how to create comfort. It is unlikely that any of these passengers want to complain: “again the flight… I Hate flying!”.

And if someone the design seems simple, it is worth remembering the words of the designer Massimo Castagna: “simplicity is the luxury. So it is better to have few objects in your home, but all must be great”.

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