How are the children of the 15 handsomest men on the planet

Some time ago we saw how they looked out for the children of women more charming and compare if you have inherited the genes of beauty or not.

This time invites you to admire the children of the 15 men handsome, famous all over the world.

Note: we do not collect photos of all their children, but in the end you expect a nice bonus.

15. Jude Law,

his son Rafferty, 21 years,

and his daughter Iris, 17 years old

14. Pierce Brosnan

and their children: Dylan, 20 years,

and Paris, 16 years

13. Gary Oldman

and his son, Charlie, 18 years old

12. Ewan McGregor

and their daughters: Clara, 21 years old,

and Esther, 16 years old

11. Alain Delon

and his son, Alain Delon Jr. 23 years

10. Sylvester Stallone

and their daughters: Sophia, 21 years,

Sistine, 19 years,

and Scarlet, 15 years

9. Johnny Depp

and his daughter Lily-Rose, 18 years old

8. Mel Gibson

and her son Milo, 27 years

7. Antonio Banderas

and his daughter Stella, 21 years

6. Clint Eastwood

and his son Scott, 31 years

5. Arnold Schwarzenegger

and his son Patrick, 24 years

4. Eric Roberts

and his daughter, Emma, 26 years old

3. Alec Baldwin

and his daughter Ireland, 22 years

2. Jensen Ackles

and his daughter Justice Jay, 4 years

1. Cristiano Ronaldo

and his first-time Cristiano Ronaldo Jr., 7 years

Bonus: the evolution of beauty in the family of the Skarsgård


his eldest son Alexander, age 41,

and his middle son, Bill, 27 years old

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