How to use the new Mode confidential Gmail on Android

A few weeks ago, Gmail updated, revamping its design and adding interesting features, one of them the famous confidential Manner, which allows you to send emails with a high degree of security, since we can put a security code to the sender to be able to read e-mail, we can set a time of self-destruction, and not allowed the screen shots.

During its launch this feature was exclusively available for the web version and is now ready to be used on Android, and here we teach you how to use it.

  • Opens the Gmail app for Android and compose a mail for any sender.
  • Tap the three dots in the top right and select the option labeled “confidential”.
  • Now set the rules of security of the mail, as are the security code, and limit of life time of the mail.

  • Once you save the settings you will now be able to send an e-mail a lot more secure thanks to this new method.

Advantages and disadvantages of the Mode Confidential

This kind of functions are welcome in the services as used and popular as Gmail, however, still have a margin for improvement. Something I liked is that we can place a key to the post to make sure that only the sender can access it by asking Google to send an SMS with the password to enter.

On the other hand, it is also good that the content may not be downloaded, copied or forwarded, even though the problem here will be that if we are sending a text document with some comments, or an excel sheet, then we will not be able to download it to view the content as it should, although it is logical that this option is use to send documents, photographs or information really important and confidential.

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Where yes I found a small problem is that despite the fact that the content may not be copied or downloaded, if it is possible to take a screen capture, at least in the web version. Obviously Google can do little to prevent this type of actions on a computer.

But one of the things that I liked is that the option to revoke access to the content of the mail can be activated and deactivated with a single click, in this way, if we had chosen that the content be available for a week and then we change our minds, we may remove access immediately, and only takes a few seconds so that the sender will not be able to see it. and Partners.

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