With Android P Google will help you avoid swiping with the phone’s camera

Android is one of the most used operating systems in the world, and we constantly hear news about malware that seeks to steal information from our device, however, other ways in which take advantage of this malicious code of the devices is to spy on the users through the microphone and the camera of the phone.

However, it seems that Google has made it clear that this is a problem that you want to delete of Android, or at least protect the users as much as you can, because according to the information from XDA Developers, one of the functions of security and privacy of Android P will be to avoid that the background application can access the camera to take photographs, video or simply activate it without the user’s knowledge.

As mentioned the source, this functionality will allow the application in the background that you want to access the camera device receives an error, plus it will close automatically, and the system will continue to do so as many times as the application requests it.

This means that malicious applications or whose purpose is to use the camera without the user’s knowledge will have to send a notification in the foreground for each person to authorize its use, so that everyone will know if you give access or not to the applications that seek to activate the camera in the background.

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Could it be that this function does not seem so surprising, but it is a good step forward in privacy and security, even though that is not common to hear of these cases, on more than one occasion developers and security firms warn about apps that occupy your phone’s camera to spy on users or take intimate photographs of people after attempting to blackmail the users to change not to publish these images.

Android is expected P to be presented in may of 2018 during the Google I/O, and where the team Unocero will be present to bring you all the news from the event.

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