With this application it will be much easier to move images from iPhone to PC

All users who have at some time been a device of Apple like iPhone, for example, you know how complicated it is to transfer files from your smartphone to your computer with Windows 10. However, it seems that Microsoft has found a very simple solution to be inclusive with all the users that use their operating system.

Until now, iPhone users were obliged to use services like the cloud, Google Photos, WhatsApp Web, emails or even Facebook Messenger. However, the quality of the images were at risk, especially with platforms that were not mainly devoted to that.

To make things easier, Microsoft launched a new application called Companion that users will be able to send simply your iPhone pictures to PC without complications and with maximum image quality.

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How does it work?

In reality, its interface is extremely simple, since the application the only thing that will do is access the camera roll of the iPhone in question and through a validation with the QR code, users can send their photos to a PC instantly.

The only limitation to using this application is the fact that both iPad or iPhone, and the computer designed to receive files, you must be connected to the same WiFi network.

This is an interesting solution for students who later became involved in many problems when you want to transfer your files in a simple way. Similarly, workers that require this possibility to facilitate your work, you will already have this alternative.

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The application is already available and you can download it here.

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