With these 8 habits, you will learn to sleep very well and wake up with the urge to change the world

The nature of the dream is a field without end for the research of scientists from around the world. And from there on out facts are really interesting.

So, for example, already invented a method of decoding of the dream, with the help of which you can identify the images that they see in the person while sleeping with a 60 percent effectiveness. And the experiment with 60 couples showed that the discussions and problems in the relationship are directly linked with quality of sleep.

But what has that to do one if you can’t sleep well? Sometimes it is difficult to get out of bed in the morning and in the evening. Just at the time of sleeping, you attack all of the thoughts you’ve not had during the day.

Great.guru will share the secrets of how to sleep and wake up well, confirmed by those who know about the topic.

1. Keep your feet warm and the head cool

Studies have shown that if you have your feet well warm, you’re going to get to sleep much faster. Those who sleep with socks do not need extra blankets because they will not endure sudden changes in body temperature and, therefore, do not wake up at night for this reason.

And what happens with the head cold? Therefore, it is because only in a well-ventilated area the person can relax to the maximum. As we eliminate this problem, will the nightmares, and return you a healthy sleep. The balance of temperatures is the number one rule.

2. Get ready to sleep with anticipation

Fitness coach Craig Ballantyne he developed his own system that help to recover forces during the night and feel energized throughout the next day. Your formula “10-3-2-1-0” it is limited in certain habits that can ruin your sleep:

  • 10 hours before going to sleep: no caffeine.
  • 3 hours before sleep: eliminate alcoholic beverages and food.
  • 2 hours before sleeping: to postpone chores or work-related business.
  • 1 hour before sleep: zero screens, only paper books.
  • Waking up with the first notes of the alarm clock.

Not is a habit very difficult to develop. 21 days and you will feel much better.

3. Find a pose to sleep

Did you get the legs after being in bed, it hurts the back or the neck and face will swell in the morning? If so, then it is time to change pose.

The doctors say that the most favourable for us is sleeping on the left side. This position contributes to an additional increase of the blood, improves lymph flow, and activates the digestive system.

For this reason, if you usually sleep on your left side, you’ll be less likely to develop problems with your immune system.

And if you’re not yet ready for changes so radical, you can maintain the natural curves of the spine or to remove tensions in the knees with the help of a pillow or a blanket. The gentle support will help you to sleep well in any position.

4. Produces melatonin

As we already know, melatonin is the sleep hormone and regulates the biorhythms of the human being. And, of course, if you do not have enough in your body, you will suffer from insomnia. Our bad habits and work at night inlfuyen in a negative way in the production of this hormone. Another important fact is that melatonin slows the aging process.

To fill in the gaps it is recommended to consume bananas, turkey, cheese, nuts, and seeds. That is, products that are rich in tryptophan. And for a preventive measure, you can take a course of melatonin, having previously checked with your doctor.

5. Go to bed and wake up with your loved one

Who motivates us in life, if it is not our better half? So, why not scheduled to go to bed earlier than normal together? If you are going to have a beautiful day as a family, will not be so difficult to wake up early.

Hugs, kisses, a loving “nice dreams“ and a ”good morning” to our loved ones, we are in tune with the emotions right, managing our sleep and wake up. The scientists say that sleeping with your partner lowers the level of cortisol. The excess of this hormone can adversely affect our body.

6. Calculates the phase of quick sleep

During our sleep we go through 5 stages: drowsiness, light sleep, dream acting, deep sleep and quick sleep. The first 4 are the stages of sleep-slow, and the fifth looks like the state of activity.

However, the scientists discovered that in the phase of quick sleep our brain processes and distributes the information. A rude awakening during this stage can lead to distortions psychic. So, at the end of the cycle, can you wake up for a quick and easy way when you’re on the border between the quick sleep and the drowsiness.

In general, the stages of sleep slow last between one and two hours and the sleep fast, 5 to 20 minutes.

Doing the calculations, we understand that an awakening can easy happen every 2 hours and 20 minutes.

And remember that the best thing for us is to wake up without the help of the alarm clock. The body knows perfectly well when to do it. It is a pity that the schedules of the jobs are not made on the basis of this knowledge.

7. Learn from the wisdom of This

The tibetan monks believe that the state of mind influences the human health. If you want to strengthen the flow of energy and direct it in the right direction, you can do some exercises when I wake up. If you press certain points on the body, while you’re still in bed, it will activate your brain activity, you’ll have more energy and to be healthier.

  • Make a gentle massage of your eyes with the knuckles of the big toes. So you’ll fix your nervous system.
  • Tightens the abdomen and ínflalo. Twenty reps and you’ll forget stagnation of blood and bile in the body.
  • Bend at the knees and presiónalas to the chest. Grab your legs with your arms. This little massage of back, chest and abdomen will be activated and you’ll be ready for the long day.

8. Invents a morning ritual for which you’ll want to get up early

We know that the changes are not easy, but they are worth it. If you want to be happy, healthy and have a lot of energy, you have to strive for. But don’t forget your motivation.

You can prepare a few ministry with words of encouragement and put them to the side of the bed or wake up, in the bathroom or in the kitchen. Only you know what you have to put in these messages. If a simple “I’m great” he makes you crazy, invent your own motivations.

Another good idea is to spend the morning alone with a cup of coffee, planning the day quietly while your family still has not woken up.

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