Know 7 famous women and beautiful that once were men

It is human to question things about ourselves. But, what if you feel that nature is wrong? Well, it’s the TWENTY-first century, and it is not necessary for you to comply with what nature gave you. shows you some of these beauties celebrities who defied all the odds and decided to undergo changes of gender, and the result was incredible.

7. Andreja Pejic

When you think of the luck, remember to Andreja for winning the best titles for male and female in the same year. She became a model androgynous acting in fashion shows, male and female. Recently changed its name to Andreja.

6. Lili Elbe

This Danish woman was the first to receive a surgery transgender in 1930. The movie 2015 “The Danish girl” was a film that’s biographical about Lili that received a lot of appreciation in the film festival of Venice. The LGBT film festival awarded 4 awards for the same.

5. Laverne Cox

Laverne Cox has become the first transsexual to be nominated for an Emmy award. Life is easier when you follow your heart. The american actress is also an active member of the society transgender.

4. Kim Petras

Petras became the talk of the town when she decided to change her gender at the early age of 12 years. This singer of pop German likes to compose his own songs. He has also worked as a model for a national chain of hairdressing salons in germany.

3. Amiyah Scott

A model turned actress. Amiyah Scott considers Rihanna and Lil’ Kim as his greatest inspirations of style. Coming from humble origins, sorperndió all with its beauty newly acquired in the reality show “The real housewives of Atlanta.”

2. Jenna Talackova

This canadian model really showed guts when it filed a lawsuit against the organizers of Miss Universe and even against Donald Trump, in which she won. Although Jenna was not able to win the contest, you surely won hearts for being honest.

1. Carmen Carrera

Christopher Roman took the artistic name of Carmen Career and is now a proud star and model of american television. His popularity has no limits, since they sent a petition to Victoria’s Secret to become the first model transgender.

Bonus. Colter Alexander.

Colter who? Some of you may not know it, but your spirit and honesty I bring to the list with pride. It is hard to ignore this man when he shares his story of trans publicly, becoming an idol for all those who want to end this battle that you have with your body every day and they want to give their souls the body that you deserve.

Colter published his photos topless without any doubt and has been keeping the world up to date on each stage of its transformation of gender.

No matter how hard it may seem life, if you listen to your heart, the world will be at your feet. If your soul does not belong to your body, it could be time to change.

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