Known to the 15 princes and princesses most beautiful in the world

The members of the royal families have always attracted a lot of attention, but have been especially prominent more beautiful. could not resist to share with you a list of these handsome princes and beautiful princesses, who are also smart, talented, helpful, and very noble.

Queen Rania of Jordan

Married with king Abdullah II on 10 June 1993 and now have four children. It is well-known for their involvement in philanthropy as well as charitable activities and cultural. Queen Rania uses social networks like YouTube, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

Diana, Princess of Wales

Lady Diana Spencer married prince Charles in July 1981 and was the mother of princes William and Harry. Diana was known for his charity work, as well as by their style of dress. He died in a tragic car accident in Paris on 31 August 1997, but still remains a fashion icon and “queen of hearts”.

The crown princess Mary of Denmark

She is the wife of Frederik, crown prince of Denmark. Their official engagement and marriage were the subject of a great attention by the media, who called him a romance of modern “fairy tale” between a prince and a commoner. Mary was chosen as the 2008 woman of the year by a magazine in Danish. The princess donated the cash prize to charity.

Crown princess Masako of Japan

Masako Owada met Naruhito, crown prince of Japan, during their studies at the University of Tokyo. The prince was immediately captivated by her, but Masako refused to marry him at first because of the force it to abandon his career in the diplomacy and restrict their freedoms. Finally Masako accepted the third proposal on 9 December 1992.

Maharani Gayatri Devi of Jaipur

Educated in europe, the Maharani was a startling beauty in her youth and grew to become a fashion icon. Passionate about horse riding, it was a skilled player of polo, and a good shooter, often devoted to hunting, a pastime for real in his youth. He dedicated his entire life to philanthropy.

Prince Philippos of Greece and Denmark

Prince Philippos is the fifth and youngest child of king Constantine II and queen Anne-Marie of Greece. He graduated from Georgetown University and currently works in the city of New York with hedge funds.

Princess Madeleine of Sweden

Princess Madeleine is married to the american financial Christopher O’neil, who was born in Great Britain. They have two children: a daughter, the princess Leonora, and a son, prince Nicolas. On the 27th of August 2017, it was announced that they expect their third child in march 2018.

Andrea Casiraghi

Andrea Casiraghi is the eldest grandson of Rainier III, prince of Monaco, and american actress Grace Kelly. In 2008, Forbes placed him tenth on its list of the 20 young people real more attractive. Casiraghi speaks several languages fluently. Loves sports, especially skiing, soccer, horseback riding and water sports. Her hobby is collecting watches of the brand Swatch.

Grace Kelly

Grace Kelly was an american actress who, after marrying prince Rainier III, became princess of Monaco, and has led the survey of the princesses most beautiful of all time. He died tragically after having had a car accident on 14 September 1982. Her beauty and style became legendary and she remains an example to follow for many women.

Queen Letizia

It is the beauty of the Spanish royal family. He was a professional journalist and a news anchor, but left everything behind when she married royalty. Letizia and king Felipe IV, they have two daughters: the infanta Leonor, born in 2005 and infanta Sofia born in 2007.

Princess Ameerah of Saudi Arabia

This princess arabia philanthropist was raised by her divorced mother and grandparents. At 18, she met Prince Al-Waleed bin Talal while doing an interview for a local newspaper. Finally got married, but divorced in November of 2013. Princess Ameerah graduated from the University of New Haven Princess with a title of business administration.

Prince Carl Philip of Sweden

Lives in downtown Stockholm with his wife, the princess Sophia, and their two children, prince Alexander, born in 2016, and the prince Gabriel, born in 2017. Prince Carl Philip is very athletic and enjoys sports such as swimming, football and skiing. It is also interested in design and drawing, which she has studied.

Crown prince Hamdan of Dubai

Sheikh Hamdan is a famous user of Instagram with 5.6 million followers. Share photos of your life active and adventurous traveler, skydiver semi-professional, diver and horseman. He also writes poems. These are very well known: they are mainly romáticos, patriotic and about his family.

Catarina, duchess of Cambridge

When Kate Middleton married prince William on 29 April 2011, not only became part of the royalty but also in one of the princesses most beautiful in the whole of history. The duchess became prominent for her fashion style and has been included in numerous lists of women “best dressed”. She is also famous for his charity work.

Charlotte Casiraghi

Charlotte Marie Pomeline Casiraghi is the granddaughter of Rainier III, prince of Monaco, and american actress Grace Kelly. It is the ambassador’s official equestrian of the brand Gucci and their clothing is exclusively designed by Gina Giannini, the creative director of Gucci.

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