Know Parking, a page that allows you to rent parking spaces

The City of Mexico occupies the second place nationally for its number of inhabitants, indicating a severe problem of overcrowding in terms of mobility, economy and insecurity. At least 5 million vehicles circulate daily through the city. Therefore, there are congested areas that complicate the flow, in addition to that you can hardly find a parking place that is safe.

It has implemented the system EcoParq in various areas of the city so that the drivers can leave their vehicle in the street instead of a cost; however, time is limited and do not always have the possibility of knowing how much it will be in one place. In turn, there are free spaces on the street that are controlled by “franeleros” to whom we must pay without receiving anything in exchange for only by the fear that our vehicle is protected.

For these reasons, a portal name Parking, is intended to help the citizens to offer their own parking spots, so that other people can rent and to secure a place. The developers of this platform are described to themselves as the “AirBnB of parking”.

You can pay parking meters from your cellphone

To use the platform with the goal of renting a place, just specify which is the area that you are interested to be able to park. Automatically, the site will show you the locations of the drawers that are available to be rented with the price and the requirements for a vehicle to park.

In turn, if you want to earn a bit of money by using a drawer of empty parking lot, you can register to let other users know. You will have the possibility to decide when and from whom to accept a reservation, although 20 percent of the proceeds are for the platform.

To make available your parking spot, you’ll need to enter your address, and specific features for other users to consider whether this is a convenient opportunity or not. Each reservation and the service to be effective, Parking deposit month-to-month earnings.

In turn, the platform allows users to share their opinions for the public to know. That is to say, if someone is charging a lot for a drawer, the other users can rate the performance with the aim that others can consider if you take that opportunity or not, just in the style of Uber.

The service EcoBici is already integrated in electric bikes

For the moment, Parking is only available in web version but will soon come to mobile devices to mode of application.

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