You know the 20 products that are more expensive and rare in the world

In the world there are many products that cost unimaginable quantities of money. All this gastronomic luxury was created for those who already do not know where to invest their capital. prepared a list of dishes and products for which the richest people in the world are willing to pay huge sums of money.

20. Bread Roquefort and Almond Sourdough, 25 USD per piece

The chef Paul Hollywood created the bread the most expensive in the world. Although he devoted a whole book to the bread, the prescription of Paul is preserved in confidentiality. It is known that for prepare Roquefort and Almond Sourdough using flour of good quality produced in the county of Wiltshire. It is clear from the name of the bread that contains cheese and roquefort yeast almond.

19. Macadamia nut, USD 150 per kilogram

The walnut more expensive in the world comes from Australia. The cultivated also in other countries that have tropical climate, but the amount harvested is not great. There goes the price, so expensive. In addition, the content of the macadamia nut is a true blend of vitamins and microelements necessary. This nut is important not only for the industry almentación, but also for cosmetic.

18. Von Essen Platinum Club Sandwich, $ 197 each

The sandwich most expensive was created in Canada. Chef James Parkinson prepares his culinary masterpiece of 450 grams with the best meat of chicken, beef, selected, quail eggs and decorated with many pieces of white truffle. It is known only a small part of the information about the famous sandwich, the exact recipe is kept in secret.

17. Steak Ribeye Wagyu, USD 250 per piece

“Wagyu” is a meat marmolada japanese, the most expensive in the world. Ribeye is the piece with the greatest quantity of meat. It is located in the ribs of the animal. There goes the price of a steak, whose average weight is 350 grams.

16. Popcorn “Berco”, 250 USD for a big pot

The company, dedicated to the production of popcorn, manufactures the product under the name of Billion Dollar Popcorn. The reason for the high price is because they contain gold comesible. Even have not only the simple salt, but sea salt, extracted near the Danish island Læsø. Try the popcorn most expensive in the world can be done without spending so much money, because in the web site of the producer can be ordered from 5 USD, but that is the price for a grain of corn.

15. Vodka Diva, between 400 and 1,000 USD per bottle

This hot beverage is produced by a scottish company, Blackwood Distillers. The vodka most expensive in the world passes through three degrees of purification: ice, coal, birch and sand of diamonds are crushed. By the way, the rare specimen of exclusive vodka Diva can cost a lot more. Is that inside of each bottle are hidden and precious stones and their value depends on the final price of the product.

14. Potatoes La Bonnotte, 500 to USD 700 per kilogram

This French variety is very capricious: it is difficult to cultivate and require special conditions for storage. Despite all, it has a pleasant nutty flavour and aroma of lemon. The variety was generated in the 1930’s, but during the first decade was not much in demand. The fame of the rare popes came in 1995. At this time, for a kilo of product, for the first time established the price highest: 475 USD. Since then, the price continues to rise.

13. Beer Vieille Bon Secours, which is 1,000 USD per bottle

The bottle has a size not standardized. There can fit up to three gallons or 12,35 liters of the beverage. This beer is 8 percent alcohol is prepared in Belgium and is kept up for ten years. It is the most popular drink in Great Britain. In most of the bars in London there is at least one of the three varieties of ale: light, dark, or amber in color.

12. Cupcake “Phoenix gold”, $ 1,000 USD each

This dessert was born thanks to the fantasy of a few employees of a british publisher’s book Bloomsbury. In one of the malls in Dubai opened a cafe-boutique in which to serve this delicious cupcake prepared from pure gold.

11. Omelette with lobster and black caviar, 1,000 USD per serving

In Manhattan there is a restaurant Norma’s, whose owner is the owner of the hotel Le Parker Meridien. Just there to serve the omelet the most expensive in the world. A portion consists of 6 eggs, lobster meat and 300 grams of black caviar. For those who are not willing to spend so much money on the card is the smaller version of this dish by just 100 USD.

10. Champagne Perrier Jouet Belle Epoque Blanc de Blancs 2007, us $ 1200-per-bottle

The sparkling wines produced by the house of champagne Perrier Jouet are some of the most delicious in the world. Belle Epoque Blanc de Blancs is produced from the grapes grown in small vineyards special in the Cotes des Blancs. Each bottle limited edition 2007 was hand painted in the style of Art Nouveau.

9. Coffee Luwak, $ 2,000 per kilogram

The more expensive variety of coffee in the world is produced in a manner which is hardly appetizing. The fruits of coffee are eaten by a civet cat. It is not able to break it down, so the kernels come out whole, having gone through a process of digestive juices. Therefore, it acquires a unique flavour. It is considered that the animal chooses only the grains more juicy, that is why it doubles the value of the coffee produced.

8. Hot dog giant, with 2,300 USD each

In the restaurant at 230 Fifth in New York recently you could try a hot-dog giant of more than 30 centimeters. The bread he’s prepared with flour selected and the sausage, meat marmolada beef. Another ingredient is interesting is the cabbage mixed with caviar lampreada in champagne.

To enjoy this dish delicious junk food, had to order it two days before. The sad statistics made by the owners of the restaurant took this dish to the letter, as in half a year of its existence it was asked only four times.

7. Pelmeni blue, 2,400 USD per serving

In another New York restaurant, the Golden Gates, the letter is composed by the pelmeni more expensive. The chef is inspired in his preparation because of his frequent guests are russians.

The dishes are made of a soft, beef, pork, or salmon. The extraordinary color of the pelmeni is due to the composition of the gland of a shallow water fish called Curtius Flame Fish. This nuance is artificial does not prevent that they are appetizing and tasty. The price for a portion of 8 dumplings is 2,400 USD, and by two portions, to 4,400 USD.

6. Watermelon black, 6.100 USD per piece

The range of rare Densuke has been created on the japanese island Hokkaidō. During a season you can pick up very few fruits. Here comes the high price. The average weight of this watermelon is 5 to 7 kilograms.

5. Pizza Louis XIII, USD 12,000

The perfect excuse for those who are willing to spend a huge amount of money to order a dish is to order a Pizza Louis XIII’s home. Not only delivered, but also will be sent to the cook, who in the eyes of the client will prepare this culinary masterpiece. This can only be done in Italy.

Of course, the pizza most expensive in the world consists of ingredients most exclusive cheeses of the elite, three types of caviar, lobsters and shrimp are more expensive and a salt-rare pink color. The pizza base is prepared in advance, maintained for 72 hours prior to baking. During the preparation process, several times he put cognac Louis XIII Remy Martin, and this is where the name comes from.

4. Melon royal, USD 12,000 per piece

The Yubari King of elite category is a hybrid of two types melons moscados: Earl’s Favourite and Spicy. When mature, this will leave more sweet and juicy. The weight of the ripe fruit is not so large: it goes from 0.6 up to 1.5 kilograms. The necessary conditions for the melon the most expensive in the world are performed in greenhouses. One of the most important secrets is the flavor of the fruit, which comes from a land rich in volcanic ash.

3. White truffle, 89.000 USD per piece

The price of the mushroom world’s most expensive depends on many factors. For each kilogram white truffle, the vendor will be asked approximately 32 billion USD.

In the auction world white truffle in Italy in 2017, were offered 10 lots of this rare fungus. The most expensive of them was sold for 75 thousand euros. The sum total gained from sales for the truffles in this event was of 370 thousand euros, approximately 440 thousand USD.

2. Tea “Dàhóng páo” and 700,000 USD per kilogram

The tea more expensive and rare you can only buy in the auction. Annually the harvest of “Dàhóng páo“ not will outweigh their 500 grams. It is cultivated in a single place on the planet: in the chinese province Fujian, not far from the monastery of Tianjin.

It is said that the bushes of this tea have over 350 years. A cup of tea ”Dàhóng páo” cost to what fans of the tea are made up of about 244 USD.

1. Fruit cake and diamonds, 1.7 billion USD

In the christmas of 2005 in Tokyo, in a supermarket called “Takashimaya”, was sold at the cake the more expensive of the history. The design of this masterpiece lasted for about 6 months and its development, one more month. To decorate the cake, its author, a japanese chef, he used 223 diamonds. The other ingredients were confidential.

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