Known errors makeup that ruin any face, even if it is a masterpiece

Every woman is a work of art. And when we apply the makeup it is as if we transformáramos an artist in the midst of a creation. For the result of our work to be truly great, we must remember some guidelines in the makeup, as well as the masterpiece does not become the opposite. proposes you to learn some examples. Share with us your tricks for a perfect make-up and also, why not, the errors that you committed before you get it.

1. Too much illuminator

The illuminator is used to give the skin a natural glow (the key word is natural). To achieve this result and does not compete with the brightness of the stars, apply a highlighter slightly shiny with a large brush. Will be very beautiful.

2. Foundation makeup dark

To avoid the effect of the mask on the face (if you’re not in the carnival of Venice, of course), we recommend to choose a foundation the same shade as your skin, or a little more clear. A shade too dark makes the skin look older and unnatural-and that is definitely not something you want to happen. Do not forget the neck and décolleté: the color should be the same.

3. Two accents in the makeup

Although some makeup artists even recommend doing two accents in the make-up, let’s leave that to the professionals. For us it will be better to choose a single thing. Or the lips or the eyes. What is most irritating to the makeup artists is the combination of red lipstick with shades of the range green-blue. Oh, and a lot of glitter and aperlados also. But how to live without them, right?

4. Errors in contouring

A great deal of white under the eyes creates an effect of swelling, and the colorado of the contouring instead of highlighting the cheekbones gives the effect of stripes, red in the face. This would look balanced only in a tigress. We, the human, we should not choose this option. Use colors that are as natural as possible, close to your skin tone and all will be well.

5. Lip liner does not blur

The makeup “nude” is a delicate job and if he exaggerates with the tenderness, it runs the risk of tarnishing the natural beauty or becoming a mushroom-pale. Particularly strange are the lips painted with base. This method adds to the image a sickly looking, and dry a lot of the delicate skin. It is better to stop the choice of a lipstick of the right shade for you, not be the same as the color of your skin. And don’t forget the eyeliner: it should not be visible. In addition, if you apply the liner outside the edge of your lips, you run the risk of walking around with a divine whiskers painted.

6. Eyebrows painted black and “tabs”spider

It is best to use an eyebrow pencil a shade lighter than your natural color. And even better is, instead of pencil, use dyes or shades special for the image not to be aggressive or something worse. And forget about the lashes stuck together. It is extremely unsightly, while new trends seek to convince us otherwise. Leave that for the runway.

7. Smokey eyes wrong fact

If you want to look smokey eye but without becoming a raccoon, you should avoid using eyeliner, thick, excess shadows and that the line delineated is leave too much of the outer limit of the tabs. Don’t forget to apply the base after you have make up on the eyes, otherwise you can leave traces of shadows under the eyes. Women panda are not currently fashionable.

8. Evil eye makeup

The shadows equal to the color of the eyes and above the crease, outer lid carefully marked (in the jargon of the make-up artists that is called “hoof”), so that the makeup is tasteless and you are deprived of the possibility to highlight the beauty of your eyes. Blend everything carefully so that there are no abrupt changes from color to color and choose a range according to the color of your eyes. For example, for the green eyes are very appropriate shades of purple.

9. Makeup doll

The effect of the makeup of the wrist is achieved with shades of white, eyes outlined and lipstick bright, in combination with flushes of pink. But it is best not to use it if your skin is dark and I don’t use it in everyday life. Otherwise, you run the risk of looking very unnatural and even frightening. Of course, if you’re 15 or you’re going to a themed party this makeup is what you’re looking for, especially if every so often you yell “mom” and jump abruptly.

10. Flushing strong with marked edges

In the use of the blush is very important to remember to blend well, so that no marked line. It is also important to remember that the color should not be very strong. The use of the beet on their cheeks went from fashion makes like 300 years.

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