Meet the new Huawei Mate 20 and Matt 20 Pro

Today has been the presentation of the new phones from Huawei the family Mate to what we know officially as Matte 20 Matte 20 Pro, computers that are not only interesting in their technical specifications, but also have some sections interesting that, according to Huawei have been boosted thanks to the artificial intelligence such as performance, photography and performance of the team in the long term.

The official specifications of the new Huawei Mate 20 and Matt 20 Pro are the following:

The Android smartphone more powerful

Something that we already knew the team was going to have was the processor-the world’s most powerful in the Android market, because this is the first of 7 nannómetros also leads NPU (Processing Unit neurological) and with which Huawei promises a better autonomy, camera, performance and the performance of the team during its first 18 months of life.

The new Huawei Mate 20 also accept your memories to increase your storage, but there will be microSD, but Nano-SD, a new technology from Huawei, you will have to buy a new memory if we want to increase the storage of our phone.

Ultra-fast charging

Huawei has gone to 40 W in its super charger, which promises to charge 70% in just 30 minutes, something never before seen in a phone. The fast-charging wireless will also be quick with your charger of 15 W.

Likewise, this is the first phone in the world that allows you to charge other devices wirelessly, that is to say, you can use the Huawei Mate 20 Pro to load other equipment that support wireless charging.

A camera enviable

Where Huawei has placed a special emphasis is on the camera, and that is that both phones come with a camera with a tri-sensor, however, as we see in the data sheet are not equal, but similar. The chinese company has gone to great lengths to show that the results night and day are much better than those of your competition, especially talking about the iPhone XS-Max and the Galaxy Note 9.

All of this is also due to the image processing that is achieved by the processor of the brand, which as mentioned is much better than previous generations in this aspect, so that once more is demonstrated the importance of the software in this section.

Something that appears important to us to emphasize is that Huawei abandons the monochrome sensor and now bet for a wide-angle lens and a sensor, ultra-wide-angle, in addition to maintaining the telephoto of 3 increases, which can be achieved a hybrid of 5 increases mixed in with the digital zoom.

The video also comes with major improvements, because we have filters in real-time film, this way we can create videos much more interesting and original, and all this is thanks (again) to the Kirin 980.

They also reach the aquatic photos thanks to a new mode powered by artificial intelligence, but here Huawei recommends that you use a sheath to submerge the phone, not because it does not support to be submerged (in the market of the Mate 20 Pro), but because it has been designed to take the best underwater photography without water touch the sensors.

Another very interesting thing that accomplishes these phones with your camera is the build 3D objects from a scan with the rear camera, providing a mock-up of the product in augmented reality which also has programmed movements through the phone.

A smartphone more secure

One of the big surprises has been the fingerprint reader on the screen of the Huawei Mate 20 Pro, which is 30% faster than the previous generation, that is to say, the Huawei Mate RS.

So we have facial recognition infrared mixed with a front-facing camera for artificial intelligence we will have a much faster and secure than any other Android, although here have not done any comparison with the iPhone.

This technology allows you to best create emojis animated, which highlight the facial expressions.

Turns your phone into a PC

Another interesting feature that met with the Mate 10 and 10 Pro was the possibility of connecting a cable to a monitor to turn your phone into a PC. Back then the interface was very simple and had not so many functions available, but now Huawei promises better integration and functioning of your PC.

Huawei Mate 20 X: one version for gamers

This year Huawei has launched a phone for gamers which has a display of 7.1 inches, system of cooling with a film of graphene to dissipate the heat better in your cooling system, a battery of 5,000 mAh with fast charging which even has a better autonomy than a Nintendo Switch, and is compatible with the new Matt Pen, which allows you to use the telephone to exploit your power and productivity with tasks of the office, so that becomes an interesting option to mix productivity and entertainment.

Price and availability

The next few phones from Huawei will go on sale to fianales of the month in some markets,and it is a fact that will arrive to Mexico, but we still do not have information of when it will be this, its price is the following:

Matt 20: 799 EUR (17,400 USD&) / 849 EUR (18,500 MXN) the version of 6 GB of RAM

Matt 20 Pro: 1,049 EUR (23,000 MXN)

Huawei Mate 20X: 899 EUR (19,600 USD) and Partners.

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