Tips and tricks to the purchase responsible and effective video game

Another year, almost without noticing, we are already shutting down of these twelve months that are about to say goodbye, and with it will come the Christmas season with gifts, family dinners, business meals and celebrations several. One of the gifts most popular from several years ago are the video games, the favorite of most young people but increasingly demanded by adults and older people. Buy a video game is an investment, so you must choose well what we want to give a gift, it must be borne in mind if the video game will be proper for the person to whom it is addressed, and if the experience proposed is in line with their personal development, age and personal tastes. It is also important not to make a mistake with the content if the gift is going to receive a minor. To do this, we propose a series of recommendations simple to make a purchase responsible and effective game.

Play is the main way of learning the human being, that is why it is very important to choose well what plays to anticipate what you learn, especially with the little ones of the house, more likely to misunderstand messages. Also the number of players participating in an experience is important if we want to turn it into an activity more social. Keep in mind that when we buy a game we gain an experience, like going to the cinema or enjoy a holiday, so choosing well is key to obtaining the desired result.

It is important to be alert to descriptions of the content that is visible in the case of the game. So only you should pay attention to the labels that show the album art to interpret what type of content includes the experience. The colored labels show what is the recommended minimum age for the consumption of the game, for example: video games for over 18 years, bear a distinctive icon in red color. The icons of content specify the type of scenes and language that may contain. This content, is regulated by the so-called code of PEGI, that we will be able to find it on the front and back cover of the video game. It is a coding implanted from the same industry in order to simplify the analysis of what you will find in the course of the experience.

On the back cover, we find the icons with the description of the content the more problematic that can contain the game, as it can be violence, swearing, sex, etc, And on the cover we find a code of numeric +3, +7, etc, which indicates the minimum recommended age for using this video game. Unlike what we find in children’s books this code:

  1. It does not indicate that you will only be able to enjoy it the people of that age, as the game will be fun also for players that are older.
  2. It does not indicate that a person of that age to be able to play it and enjoy it. Many video games complexes have a code of +3 because it does not contain violence, sex, etc, but someone of that age you will not enjoy them.

In the same way, it is very important to be clear which platforms are used to play, taking into account that each game works only on a particular platform and that are usually not compatible between the various companies. The games are often used on video game consoles-connected screen, portable consoles, computers, and mobile phones; and each company has several versions of its platform. In addition, you must take into account if the game will need some accessory to be able to be played optimally, as, for example, the Virtual Reality of PlayStation 4, because if you do not have the accessory you are unable to use the game. In the same way special attention should be paid on the purchase of video games for the computer, since that is the platform with more incompatibilities and technical specifications. Reviewed these guidelines, you’ll be able to choose whether a product is suitable for you in light of your own judgment.

Once you have purchased the game, you can not overlook the installation of the same. The supervision in this process is vital to ensure compatibility and security. At the time of the installation it is important to review the specifications of the game and the support. Try to have your children play in the common sites of home and establishes rules of use regarding the time and content. Minors can participate in this decision by providing his point of view, and crucially, awareness to children about the importance of privacy in video games and on the Net, both own as well as the rest of people in their environment, alertándoles of existing risks.

For all the above, it is desirable to collect the maximum information of the product, even trying out free demos before you decide whether the game is recommended or not. In this way not only will we know if it is appropriate for the age range it is intended for, also if it is enough fun and if the quality of the experience meets your price.

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