Consumentenbond: “do not Buy Samsung Galaxy S7″.

Research by the Consumers ‘ association shows that Samsung in march 2018, with stops with the support of the Samsung Galaxy S7 (including the edge-variant) and the Galaxy J3 from 2016. Because Samsung, these devices still offer calls the bond at not for these smartphones to choose from.

The association is located for a while at odds with Samsung about the support of Android smartphones. The update policy of many manufacturers has a deficit according to the bond. New versions of Android and security patches are often only many months after the release to be rolled out. If an update actually appears, because a lot of the information about the update policy will not be released. Samsung is certainly not the only manufacturer, but because the South Korean company the most of the smartphones here marketing, it is obviously in the crosshairs of the Consumer. This is the consumer organisation already launched a case against Samsung.

18 months

Samsung has adopted a policy that smartphones have, in principle, for 18 months, supported with Android security and version updates. That would mean that the support of the Galaxy S7 already in October at the end would have come, an update to Android 8.0 (Oreo) appears however. For the Galaxy J3 is still unclear. It is expected that this update to Android 8.0 the last for this equipment.

A new part of Android 8.0 Treble. The developers of Android have the core of Android over the rest of the operating system. When a manufacturer Treble supports, this core is left intact and can be easily and quickly by Google itself to be updated. This would make Samsung the criticism about the update policy to stifle, but Samsung’s Galaxy S7 (edge) and Galaxy J3 support is expected to Treble.


The criticism of the Consumers ‘ association, focuses not only on Samsung, but also shops, that the smartphones sales. For example, KPN recognized, that on his site indicated that the Galaxy S7 is as secure as possible and regular updates. While this is expected from march 2018 is no longer the case. This claim is now removed from the website.


When you choose a smartphone, it is useful to consider how it is with the support of the device. Motorola (Lenovo) had a good reputation, but shows the last time drop the ball. Nokia recently started selling Android smartphones in the Netherlands and is rapidly started, with updates from the Nokia 8 , for example. Google’s Pixel smartphones get three years of updates, the problem is that these devices are not officially available in the Netherlands. iPhones are excellent supported by iOS updates.

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