It extreme pollution! Find plastic bag in the deepest place of the sea (VIDEO)

The fossa is deepest on the planet, the Mariana trench, which is about 12 thousand meters of depth in a remote part of the Pacific Ocean, does not seem to be saved from the pollution and waste generated by human beings.

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A recent study revealed the existence of a plastic bag, such as those found in supermarkets, which was found to 12 thousand meters under the sea level, inside of the trench called Mariana, the most profound of our planet. The scientists found when we observe a database of photographs, called Deep-Sea Debris Database, which includes videos taken at approximately 5,010 divers in the past 30 years, and now it is already public.

What is classified in the data base, the plastic is the most frequent and the plastic bags are the most frequent in addition in this area. Other waste comes from materials such as rubber, metal, wood, and clothing, and some even have not qualified. 89% of the plastic strip, for example, comes in the form of a bottle of water or plastic utensils, in addition to the bags already mentioned.

And although the Mariana trench, appears to be a dark site, without life, have much more biological activity than we may think. This region was studied in 2016 and found various life forms, including coral, jellyfish, and even a type of octopus. The study found that 17% of the images contain some sort of plastic with life, entangled in the same. It is interesting to note that at that depth the air pressure is such that it seems impossible that it could be life, but Nature has another opinion.

If we ask ourselves where could have gotten that plastic bag in the trench, consider that plastic pollution is global. Water bottles, utensils, bags, containers, among many plastic objects, are found virtually everywhere and the sea starts to look discount upsetly contaminated in this way.

Last February, a study showed that the Mariana trench has high levels of contamination in certain regions, even more than some of the most polluted rivers in China. The authors of this work theorize about the possibility of chemical contaminants in the pit in addition to the plastic.

We must recognize, however, that the majority of the trash that reaches the sea, according to a study by the 2017, is due to the 10 rivers that are in regions with a high number of people living in them. From these rivers a lot of yard waste end up in the sea. On the other hand, is calculated, in accordance with another study made in march last, that the plastic material in the sea, if comprimiese, could be the size of Texas. Most of all this trash located between Hawaii and California.

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