Everyday things that return us the faith in the designers

In the sophisticated hands of a designer, simple things become particularly special: the headset no longer entangled, a regular cable and power ends up being a work of art, and the belt for the baggage claim takes on the aspect of a roulette wheel in a casino.

Great.guru has compiled for you over 20 examples of how the most common things become inventions great. Contemplándolos, more than one to exclaim: “oh, why don’t I created?!”.

With this calculator, the symbols on the buttons will never fade

Tractor for the farmers more elegant

The creators of these sofas, you know how difficult it is to vacuum underneath them

For those who suffer from the nerve every time you have to untangle the headphones

This panel in a hotel allows you to easily connect your laptop to your tv

Container with an ashtray that has an important reminder

A house that only has meaning when it is reflected

An opener worthy of being present on a festive table

Skateboarding for snowboarders that allows you to also practice in the summer

In this bed they have installed a bulb with a motion sensor: not now thou shalt tread nothing in the dark

Not only is it compact, but also economic: the water used in the sink, replenished the tank of the tanker

Dispenser of antiseptic in the handle of the toilet

A mirror in the train that allows you to control your luggage

A chair with two backs

Gloves in which the assistant of an ambulance can point all the data for the medical

A cable becomes a work of art

Surely, since they won’t go rolling

When the cook hides in your soul of a true samurai

This is what happens when a designer has a creative thought

Would you like to have a sink like this?

The airport created an area for dogs with grass and a fire hydrant of fire

Why did not think of this before?

Prize for the QR code more useful: a map of the park on a bracelet that is delivered to the enter

I bet that my suitcase falls on 13 black

And to you, what would you like to have any of these inventions?

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