Create app to ‘know’ who saw your profile picture of WhatsApp, but there is a risk

During the last few days we have seen many websites on the Internet that mention that it is already possible to know who watched your profile photo on WhatsApp, some of them even mentioned that it is a great way to discover bullies, or potential infidelity, something that the truth seems to me ridiculous.

To use this feature, simply install a add-on application to WhatsApp that you can find in the Google Play Store, and although the application in question is Whats Tracker for WhatsApp, the truth is that there is more than one option, and all are free to download, but still have a high price.

Well, Tracker for WhatsApp, WhatsApp to Track, Profile Tracker and all other applications of this type the only thing they do is to show statistics of what you are doing on WhatsApp, so that require permission to access your profile information, contacts, photos and data to use WhatsApp, that is to say, they have access to almost everything you do in the app, except the messages, because fortunately they are encrypted.

These applications mention that after you install them can tell you who saw your profile in WhatsApp, however, here are two very important issues; the first is that this information is not possible to know because there are data that WhatsApp make public, so that only users who have the same application installed could create a log of this activity so that the service could tell you exactly who saw this information on the basis of the information it collects.

The dark future that is approaching WhatsApp

Therefore, if someone does not have the application installed, then the service can’t make a comparison to a “real” (if they have the resources and the will to do it,” who saw your profile photo on WhatsApp.

What is the conclusion? This is all fake, the applications that promise you to tell you who sees your profile picture, who of your contacts is talking to whom, and other things are all lies, and for proof of this you can read the comments in the Play Store, who mentioned that the application displays contacts that are not even real, which indicates that this service is invented to see who falls. In addition to that the app puts contacts at random from those who saw your profile, but in reality is not true.

Unfortunately when you will give account of this situation, they already have much of your information of WhatsApp and your contacts, and all because so many users fall for the morbidity and follow the instructions of any site on the Internet.

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