Created the computer world’s smallest

A group of researchers from the University of Michigan (Usa) has designed the Michigan Micro Mote, a miniature computer of 0.3 millimeters. The new device you lose all the data when it stops receiving energy, as reported by the u.s. entity in an article. The microcomputer, with a size much smaller than a grain of rice, has exceeded the previous device smaller, presented by IBM last march. The current pc occupies one-tenth of the dimensions of the created by IBM.

The development project, conducted in collaboration with Fujitsu, was presented during the Symposia of 2018 on Technology and Circuits, VLSI, which took place in Honolulu, Hawaii (united States). The professor of electrical engineering and computer science from the University of Michigan and leader of the project, David Blaauw, has expressed its doubts on whether this type of devices should be classified as computer or not according to their capabilities reduced and the diversity of opinions of the experts.

The minicomputer of the team led by David Blaauw, Dennis Sylvester, Jamie Phillips, and Arthur F. Thurnau, also teachers of the same grade, receives and transmits data via visible light, while a base station provides the light necessary for its operation and receives the data. A device of such small dimensions to operate at low power and with a transparent cover was the problem of greater magnitude to that encountered by the experts. Blaauw explains that they had to devise new ways of addressing the design of the circuit, have to be low-power but to tolerate the light at the same time.

This microcomputer meets the functions of a temperature sensor of high accuracy, making the temperatures in intervals of time through electronic pulses. The ranges are sent to the base station to then become a certain temperature. The device features an LED light to transmit information.

In this way, the computer informs of temperatures in spaces that are tiny, with an error rate of approximately 0.1 degrees Celsius. The system created can be used for a variety of purposes, although the team has devised for uses in cancer, as it could set a relationship between the temperature of the organs and cancer, as suggested by some studies.

Professor of radiology and biomedical engineering, Gary Luker, reveals that they are using such a device to investigate changes in the temperature of the tumors and to determine if a therapy is successful or not. Michigan Micro Mote can also be used for other topics such as the detection of the pressure within the eye to diagnose glaucoma, monitoring of biochemical processes, or monitoring.

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