Phoenix, the music player Winamp will return in 2019

For many years, Winamp was one of the music players are more popular and liked by the public, but as of 2013 let to know of him, because the purchase that you made AOL yielded negative effects.

However after a long time without any update, Winamp will return with a series of changes that will make their users come to fall in love with him, as it was totally renovated.

The CEO of Radionomy, the company which bought Winamp in 2014, Alexandre Saboundjian, explained that the new version of the tool will return in 2019 and with a new name: Winamp 6, which alludes to its recent version.

Resultado de imagen para Winamp

This means that from the next year onwards, Winamp will be an application (on iOS and Android) that will include everything concerning music:

  • Playlists
  • Podcast
  • Radio stations

In the same way you can listen to the MP3 that you have stored on computers, even those who are saved in the cloud, as it wants the users to enjoy all the musical experience in a same site.

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If with all this, people who use Winamp are excited, you should know that a beta version of the version 5.8 will be released next October 18 to be accustomed to its operation. and Partners.

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