What are the differences between the Huawei P20, Nova 3 and Honor to Play

A couple of days ago Huawei has launched in Mexico its new Nova 3, a high-end machine that is very similar in design and specifications to the P20, but that has a price is still more economic. However, there is a third phone that has a similar very similar not only in design but also in specifications, as is the Honor to Play, reason here I will explain what are the main differences, which is one of the questions that have had many of the followers of Unocero in the last few days.

Let’s start with the specifications, which are the following:

Same processor, does the same performance?

Fortunately for users, the three teams have the best processor of Huawei in the market as it is the Kirin 970, a SoC of 10 nanometers with NPU (Neural Processing) that learns from the user to improve the performance as well as more we use the computer, in addition, with this type of processors, Huawei promises a performance equal to the first day of the phone during the next two years.

In summary, yes, we have the same performance on the three teams, so that no matter which we choose, the performance and power is the same, but where yes there is a difference is that both the Honor to Play as the Nova 3 have versions with 6GB of RAM (not the case of Mexico with the Nova 3, but there are any).

Camera: the first differences

The three models come with dual camera in the rear, but they are not the same. Here we can say that the Honor Play is the least powerful, although the difference with the other two models is not huge.

The camera of the Honor to Play , and the Nova 3 has a main sensor of 16 MP, but with openings different, while the secondary sensor is also different, as the the Honor Play basically only collects information to implement the famous bokeh effect or blur. Another important thing is that the openings of both sensors side is also different, being larger (smaller number) the Nova 3.

The P20 is the one that has the better rear-facing camera, not only because it has Leica optics, but because your secondary sensor is 12 MP with f/1.8, and the main one is of 20 MP, but with a aperture f/1.6. However, unlike the Nova 3, the P20 has OIS (Optical Image Stabilisation), focus laser and digital zoom of 2 × without any loss. In addition, it is also capable of recording video in super slow motion 960 fps in HD quality.

But where the Nova 3 wins in the subject photo is on the camera front, where we have a dual camera, 24 and 2 MP, and this last sensor has the same task that the lens side of the rear camera of Honor Play, that is to say, is in charge of measuring the depth to have an outstanding bokeh effect.

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The small details

As I have already said, although the designs are practically a decal, the Honor has a metal body, while the two models of the brand Huawei are glass, and have the colors gradient known as Twilight. On the other hand, the Honor to Play is a computer Gaming, so the gaming experience is a little better, especially in the sound, as for performance and power we will have exactly the same thing.

Huawei P20 Pro

Another detail is important for the Honor to Play, and the P20 does have NFC chip, and the Nova does not, or at least not all the versions (only the PAIR-LX1). Yes, the battery in the Honor and the Nova 3 is bigger, reaching up to 3,750 mAh, while the P20 stays in 3,400, but all include ultra-fast charging of Huawei.

The facial recognition is also present in the three models, but the Nova 3 and Honor to Play equipped with infrared technology, the P20 is only by algorithms of face detection.

And as surely what they were asking, because the screens are also slightly different, as the Honor and the Nova have a screen of 6.3 inches with a ratio of 19.5:9, while the P20 gets to the 5.8-inch with an aspect ratio of 18.7:9.

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Both the P20 as the Nova 3 already can be purchased in Mexico, but the Honor Play is still not officially presented in our country, however, it seems that Huawei itself will launch it in the market, and this will probably pass when it comes PocoPhone F1 Xiaomi to Mexico, but for the moment, are only speculations.

The P20 currently has a price of 13,799 MXN, on the other hand, the Nova 3 came with a cost of 10,999 USD, the difference is not much, and both prices seem to me to be correct based on its price/quality ratio.

The great advantage of the Honor to Play is that this team went down in price to compete you against the PocoPhone F1, and its approximate price is 330 EUR, the exchange rate would be 7,300 MXN, which makes it the best choice in quality/price ratio of this comparative.

The decision is a difficult one, but the information is there, and now we each must choose which is the phone that is right for you based on your tastes and affordable.

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