What are the advantages and disadvantages of hiring a rate plan?

The time has come to hire the service of a wireless telephone line, and in this situation you have two options, prepaid and postpaid, a decision that you must take with care, especially if it is postpaid or rate plans, because if you don’t control your telephone consumption you can get to spend a lot of money.

For this reason we will talk about the advantages and disadvantages of tariff plans, in this way we hope that you can make a better decision before you change your prepaid to postpaid, and all the problems that you might have in the tariff plans.


  • Financing of smartphones of high range.
  • Exclusive benefits.
  • Uninterrupted service if you pay on time and do not hire some other service of control of consumption.
  • Commercial offer with the best value added.
  • Ease to purchase insurance in a cell.
  • Acquisition of phones in exclusive.


  • You need a good credit history or give a payment in advance for the recruitment for the first time.
  • If you don’t control your consumption, you can pay a lot of money.
  • The plans and equipment more attractive usually have a contract with a term of forced.

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Financing of smartphones

Let’s start with the advantages, and that is one of the major attractions today are the smartphones of high range, however, their costs are a little inaccessible to most users, and few people can afford to pay a team of high-end spot, or well, a few monthly payments, so one of the ways more affordable to get a high-end smartphone are the tariff plans.

And is that today operators are offering financing so that you can choose the team you like most and can afford it month-to-month along with the rent for the telephone service, let’s imagine that it is a kind of purchase with a credit card, but along with your mobile phone service.

As such, many users can acquire expensive equipment, but here is where comes one of the disadvantages, as companies take advantage of this situation to force customers to purchase a rate plan with a term of forced of 12, 18 or 24 months, so you’re forced to pay for the phone service during the time that you sign up for the plan, and in case you want to terminate the contract you must pay a penalty.

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It is also true that we can get computers for free, although most are in the range medium-low, and many times the experience of use, and performance leaves much to be desired.

And is that if you contract for a rate plan in the form of open or free, not gives you a phone, unless you pay the entire price in a single payment, otherwise you are obligated to purchase a plan with a term of forced.

Exclusive benefits and a better value-added

Some operators offer their prepaid customers exclusive benefits such as discounts on concerts or specific events, but what is a fact is that customers of post-paid are the first to enjoy the best and new technologies of the operators.

For example, the customers of post-paid were the first to enjoy the benefits of 4G and 4.5 G of Telcel, and will surely pass the same when you start the deployment of the network 5G at Telcel and AT&T, so that prepaid customers will have to wait a while to enjoy it.

Likewise, the operators usually offer a better added value in their offerings, postpaid, for example the international roaming, options hotspot, unlimited internet, and of course commercial offers with more benefits, although that itself, with a price much higher, since currently it is difficult to find a commercial offer with 15GB on pre-pay, or benefits as the plans with unlimited internet Telcel and AT&T.

Similarly, many new smartphones and high-end are usually offered at first exclusively with tariff plans, so that if it is not of your interest to purchase in this mode, you must look for it released or wait for some time to offer in the prepay segment.

Control of the service

One of the things that appeals to users of prepaid is that once you end up with the benefits of your package can no longer use the service, this can be good if you don’t want to spend more than you can afford, because in the prepaid first pay and then eat, while in the postpaid first you eat and then pay, so if you don’t have control over the consumption of benefits in your line, you can end up paying much more than the cost of your monthly rent.

For example, if your plan includes 1000 MB of navigation per billing cycle, and you consume 2,200 MB, then you will have to pay for those 1,200 MB of additional, so that the price can be very high depending on the cost you have agreed upon with your operator.

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I have known people that from a monthly income of 500 pesos end up paying more than 2 thousand pesos by consuming much more of the MB included in your plan of income.

On the other hand, the operators also usually offer you a control on the consumption of the benefits of your plan, and limit the service in case of that scope (that is, as in the case of prepaid users), however, this service has an additional cost.

Do you like the rate plans?, what has been your experience with them?

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