When the time has come to change of phone?

Many of us would like to change phone every year or even in less time, and is that surprisingly the majority of the manufacturers has accustomed us to launch two new teams of high-end each year, and like 3 or 4 different models of their mid-range in the same amount of time, so that sometimes we become crazy and we are left with a desire incredible change team.

However, if we think about this situation we can realize that a phone may well take a lot more time than we believe, so we don’t have to change equipment every year, much less if the phone works perfectly, so unless you have a defect, physical or functional, as there is not much reason to get rid of our phone.

How often do you need to change team?

In my opinion, 2 years is a good time to change your smartphone, especially if you have a mid-range or high range high range, and if you are also in your economic potential, however, with the maintenance of appropriate a telephone could even endure 4 years without giving you problems, especially if it is an iPhone, but in the case of Android, maybe three years old you should think about making a change.

Why an iPhone could hold up to 4 years without problem? Well, the answer is very simple, in the first place because the iPhone have a period of update support for 5 years, and in addition the majority of countries there are or an Apple Store, or authorized distributors who can help us make a change of battery or screen, which are the 2 things that will deteriorate in a phone.

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In the case of the battery, it is impossible to last 4 years in good condition, for this reason you could change it to 2 years or a year and a half. While the screen could be before if you do not use a mica tempered glass or some other material, as otherwise you could crash, break or get scratched.

With Android devices the process of updates is about 3 years, but we know that the only manufacturer that accomplishes this is Google, from there on out though we will have 2 years of software updates.

Another point to consider is that if we want that our phone has a better life because it is also advisable to change the battery every year and a half or two years, and what is best to do it directly with the manufacturer, who will replace the items for original parts, otherwise we expose ourselves to a malfunction, or something much worse.

Likewise, it is recommended that each year you can restore the computer to as it came from the factory, this to make cleaning unnecessary items that are left on your computer and only occupy unnecessary space on the phone.

The hardware gets older

It is true that the hardware wears down with use, something that some refer to as they age, and that, in turn, affects the performance of the computer, and it is here where the software many times helps the hardware, why personal taste always Android Pure will be better than any other layer of customization.

This old hardware is more noticeable in the average range in the high range, however, no team will pound it, so if you’re looking for a phone that age of the best way because I recommend a Pixel, Android-powered smartphone with One or a high-end.

Computers also grow old in different ways depending on the brand, there are many factors involved in the process. Huawei for example constantly says that their high-end equipment and mid-range now age much better thanks to the NPU and artificial intelligence including, in the case of the high-end this is included directly in the processor, and in the mid-range is by software, however, the firm says that promises 2 years of the useful life of your processor as on the first day you use the phone, so this may be another detail to take into account.

In conclusion, the average time to switch phones without ride suffering is of 2 years, but you can wait for the 3 if you’re not in such a hurry. Now, if you have the opportunity of financing through a credit card or rate plan, then take advantage of it to change smartphone every 2 years.

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