When I traveled to the other side of the mirror

One of my favorite books is Alice through the looking glass, (also titled “through the looking glass and what Alice found there”). It is a novel for children, written by Lewis Carroll in 1871. It is the continuation of The adventures of Alice in the country of the wonders (although it does not make references to what happens in that book).

A lot of the things that happen in the book seem to, metaphorically, as reflected in a mirror, and even often result in curious facts: Alicia found that eating crackers is the removal of the thirst, that the more he runs, the less it moves (similar to what happens with the wage, it seems that you win more but each time purchasing less), the belt of Humpty Dumpty is not, and so on. As well, virtually all of the things are just different in essence to those seen on this side of the mirror. In fact, someone has already shown that the milk from the other side of the mirror would be bitter, because some of the molecules seems to be understood a preferred direction.

I must say that this work of Carroll has been a motivation for many scientists and the dating of the work in technical articles it is very common to find. Also more of a scientist, particularly chemicals, have wondered how is the world on the other side of the mirror? And interestingly have found that regular milk would taste sour on the other side of the mirror, a problem of chirality or symmetry of the molecules.

The books that I read Turing

But beyond all this, when I decided to move to the other side of the mirror, like Alice did, I decided I was not going to run all the adventures that Alice narrates, but at a certain point, I found a nice clock on the wall and decided to traérmelo to the real world. But what a surprise that I took when I watched him closely: I found the watch to walk exactly the other way round, hands going to the other side and the bezel numbers are also upside down. However, despite all this, the watch measures the time that we all know, because the arrow of time only has a preferred direction.

I recorded a small video of a clock that I found on the other side of the mirror.

Make a clock so has his grace. Anyone interested, I can give you the basic ideas. Write me to [email protected] and will have the necessary information.

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