How much does the basic set of things for a young man in different countries? It is not a joke, we are serious about

The experts of the swiss bank UBS calculated how much it costs today to the standard equipment of a young man and modern. In the experiment, we compared the prices of the eight most popular things among the young people in the 11 largest metropolitan areas in the world. And this is not a joke, gentlemen, the list turned out to be quite unexpected. proposes you to compare your local prices with the prices of the major cities to realize where the lives of the millennial are more difficult, and where is their paradise. Well, you can also think of purchasing potential for your future trips.

The following items are included in the set is “must have” or necessary to:

Warning! If you consider yourself a young person, but the set of your personal things is very different, or if you believe that some things are superfluous, keep in mind that this is the ensemble average of our globalized world. Of course, no one denies the existence of the special cases, but we’re not talking about them now. Now we are talking about an image slightly over hyped of a modern person of the age of consumption.

So, this is what we have. We’re going to go from cheapest city to most expensive taking into account that the price of the jeans is the average price of mass market, running shoes are for sporting brands known, Netflix is basic, iPhone model X, and for the avocado you want, it is the price per kilo.

11. Hong Kong: 1825 USD

Surprisingly, a modern person finds it easier to survive in one of the most expensive cities in the world. The laptop and the iPhone here cost less than in other places (9 USD less than in the U.S.), which basically determines this list. In addition, there is a Big Mac cheap, wow!

10. Dubai: 2004 USD

The city of skyscrapers in the desert, filled with sheikhs, cheetahs and young golden, was also surprisingly very democratic in terms of prices for basic things.

9. Bangkok: 2130 USD

The second official capital of cheerful bachelor and bachelorette parties with your meals and cheap drinks is in place.

8. New York: 2369 USD

The place of origin of at least a good third of the stuff presented here is in fourth place, which is also quite logical.

7. Paris: 2487 USD

The fashion capital maintains a high price for clothing and shoes, which you can’t say about the gadgets.

6. Toronto: 2535 USD

Canadian prices are not surprising, we don’t have anything of what to say. We will only mention the coffee: it is relatively cheap.

5. Zurich: 2567 USD

One thing is clear: if you want to dress well, and then eat at Mcdonald’s, then you should not go to Switzerland. Besides, the subscription to Netflix is the most expensive.

4. London: 2725 USD

The life of the millennial in the Albión is very expensive, what can we add?

3. Moscow: 3354 USD

Unexpectedly, one of the most expensive cities for modern people, was the capital of Russia; here, the clothes and the gadgets are expensive. The situation is not fixed even with the Big Mac cheaper in the world.

2. Johannesburg (south Africa): 3487 USD

The cheapest coffee and the laptops more expensive: that is what happens on the other side of the planet, if someone doesn’t know it.

1. Buenos Aires: 3696 USD

Cheap coffee, avocado cheap, jeans cheap! … and an iPhone, which costs 2243 USD! This is almost twice expensive than in the united States. It is this creation of Apple hipsters argentines living the harder life of all.

Does life in your country is so expensive?

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