How much does it cost to replace the most important parts of the human body?

What good is being a robot! If you break any piece, you’re just looking for your replacement and problem solved. Thanks to advances in the medical world, something like this can also be done with a person, but sure it will be a little more expensive. But… how much more expensive?

In we were invaded by a interest huge to this question, so we decided to investigate how much it costs the acquisition and renovation of the most important parts of Homo Sapiens.

10. Egg

4.000 — 8.000 USD

Thanks to the help of an egg donor is solve one of the most common problems: infertility. Only 6-8 times in her life, a woman young and healthy can become a donor of an egg.

9. Bone marrow

3.000 — 10.000 USD

Stem cells are prized in medicine and the bone marrow is its main source. It is she who is transplanted to deal with oncological diseases. However, finding a suitable donor , and transplanting the cord itself is not an easy task.

  • Therefore, the price of this intervention can reach 800.000 USD. The bone marrow donor will receive around 3,000 USD.

8. Cornea

5.000 — 11.000 USD

The replacement of the cornea, due to serious problems of vision, is one of the more frequent interventions. Thanks to new technologies, the replacement of this part of the eye is a relatively quick procedure and painless.

  • The Ministry of Health of the USA reports that the price, on average, this intervention reaches 13,000 USD. And the cost of the same cornea varies from 5,000 to 11,000 USD.

7. Intestine

2.500 — 20.000 USD

The main process of digestion takes place in the small intestine and not the stomach, as many believe. In case of serious problems or intestinal damage, can be replaced, but will be expensive.

  • According to a transplant center, the price of the intervention will be somewhere between 200,000 and 1.2 million USD. The waiting time is around 680 days.

6. Bones and tendons

5.000 — 30.000 USD

The damaged tendons to be an injury quite common among athletes. Unlike many other organs, takes more time, so that the intervention turns out to be much more economical.

  • As a general rule, ligaments, and bones go together in a “pack” and the average cost of the reconstruction of the knee is around $ 15,000.

5. Pancreas

Us $ 80,000

The replacement of the pancreas may be required in a person who suffers a severe diabetes. Despite the fact that the transplant can be used only a part of the pancreas of the donor, is removed completely by the liver.

  • That’s why the cost of the intervention is so high: USD 350,000 and the waiting list to do so, on average, 281 days.

4. Liver

55.000 — 400.000 USD

Doctors have learned, from long ago, to transplant the liver, taking only one part of an organ donor. However, this is one of the most expensive of our body.

  • A part of the liver has a cost of 55,000 USD, and the entire liver is around 400,000 USD. The operation itself, according to a transplant center, it can cost from 200,000 to 800,000 USD.

3. Kidney

15.000 — 300.000 USD

The organ in greatest demand for transplantation is the kidney. Prices vary depending on the country. Thus, in India, a kidney cost $ 15,000 and in the US up to 262.000 USD. 75 per cent of the total number of transplants is usually kidney.

  • The waiting list for an operation of this kind is enormous, about 680 days of average. The intervention cost about us $ 400,000.

2. Heart

200.000 — 400.000 USD

With one of the most important organs of the body, everything seems complicated. The operation is extremely dangerous and the transplanted organ rarely survive for more than 8 years. However, this is one of the more frequent interventions.

  • The price of the heart round 280,000 USD, but the value of one of the interventions most complicated in the world of transplants can reach up to 1.5 million USD.

1. Lungs

58.000 — 500,000 USD

The lungs are one of the organs most sensitive of our body. Already, within hours of the death of the donor, does not serve. Hence its high price.

  • The cost of a single lung is around 58.000 USD and the two lungs, connected with the windpipe, or trachea, can cost up to 500,000 USD. But this is only half the battle. To achieve its operation is very complex and dangerous, so that the cost of the transplant can reach 1-2 million USD.

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