How long will it take for the Earth to recover from the human footprint?

Whether we accept it or not, we are damaging irreparably our planet and if we don’t make substantial changes, scientists estimate that it is approaching a new mass extinction, the sixth in 450 million history of the Earth.

Stephen Hawking predicts “superhumans” and extinction in the last book before dying

That is why the scientific community is devoting ever more efforts to understand what is happening with our planet and how you can impact that nature and human life as we know it. That’s why the specialists of University of Aarhus in Denmark, did calculations to determine how much it would take for the Earth to recover all the damage we have done.

The estimates of the scientists danes is based on a scenario very optimistic that the human finds a way to stop ruining habitats and cause the death of the species. It also assesses the ability of mammals to recover.

The specialists concluded that, in the best of cases, the nature you will need 3 to 5 million years to get back to the level of biodiversity that we have today in the Earth, and between 5 to 7 million years for the animal kingdom to return to the levels existing before the presence of modern humans.

A new super-extinction on Earth

Other discoveries of scientists at the University of Aarhus was all the evidence that humans are causing the sixth mass extinction in the history of our planet. The experts are based on the accelerated rate in which several species are becoming extinct, due mainly to the action of man.

The effects of human activity on the planet are causing the extermination of animal and plant species, and this happens so fast that evolution, a built-in mechanism by nature to ensure the survival of the species, will simply be left behind.

According to estimates from the International Union for the Conservation of Nature, 99.9 percent of the species in critical danger, and 67 percent of endangered species will be lost in the next 100 years. and Partners.

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