How many mb consumes Spotify to play music?

Spotify is one of the streaming services of music are currently most popular. The service Swedish was the first to exit the market, and this has been enough to be the most popular with over 170 million monthly users, of which 75 million are Premium users, and one of its main advantages is that they can choose the utmost Quality to listen to music.

But you know how much data they consume different types of quality music in Spotify, the truth is that for many users, this data does not interest them, but be careful, because the amount of mb consumed between each one of them can wipe your smile off your face, so beware.

In the first place, it is advisable that if you are going to listen to music at extremely high Quality have a smartphone that stands out in audio, in addition to headphones to high end with which you can enjoy all this quality, otherwise the difference will not be noticeable to many users.

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Well, that said, these are the download speeds of the data in each of the different configurations of the quality of music on the platform:

As you can see, the Extreme Quality in the smartphone is the same as the High Quality on the computer. But… how many mb consume these download speeds?, well, here’s the data:

As we can see, the amount of MB (Megabytes) consumed varies considerably depending on the quality you select, being a little more than double consumption between the High Quality and the Extreme in the smartphone, and more than 4 times between the Normal and the Extreme on the phone.

Connection to the computer, because usually here we make a consumption by WiFi, so it shouldn’t be too much of a problem with the audio quality you select.

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How do you configure the audio quality on Spotify?

To configure the audio quality of streaming on Spotify, we have to perform the following steps:

  • We’re going to the ‘Settings’
  • Subsequently we selected ‘Quality of Music’
  • There we choose the quality that most interests us. The option of ‘Very high’ is ‘Extreme’.

Regarding the option of ‘Auto’ here will depend greatly on the speed of connection that we have to choose the quality with which you will download the music, so it is not the most recommended option if you want to take care of your mobile data consumption.

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