How many mexicans “can” pay for the iPhone Xs and Xs Max?

“Apple does not sell technology, you sell marketing”, hear say to a colleague a couple of days. And the strategy go that he has worked at the company he founded, Steve Jobs, because their range of devices are not far from the cutting edge of technology and remains a performance standout, while still an object of desire and its sales are superlative.

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In fact, in Mexico the iPhone continues to have a major operation, although according to a recent report from The Competitive Intelligence Unit (The CIU), lately the lack of innovation in Apple devices that have stagnated the growth of the brand in our country.

In that context, the price of its iPhone is still on the rise and in the new generation of the smartphone designed in Cupertino is a member of 35,499 weights, the iPhone Xs Max, while your version is more “discreet”, the Xs, is of the 24,500 to 32,999 weights.

Meanwhile, just weeks ago, the financial media have released several reports that show the low level of wages of mexicans. According to National Survey of Occupation and Employment, Inegi corresponding to the first quarter of 2018, the co-nationals in effect we are quite poorly paid.

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Just 5% of mexicans earn above the 13,000 pesos a month, that figure is even reduced to 4% if you dimension to the City of Mexico, ironically, one of the most important markets of Latin america. We are talking about 2.2 million people have an income that could allow you to solve any of the plans for financing an iPhone Xs or Xs Max; or save at least three months, assuming no other expenses, do so in cash.

Of course, within this universe of the “privileged” that have a higher income to the 13,255 weights, but that figure drops considerably more. For example, according to another report of the Institute for Industrial Development and Economic Growth (IDIC) only 1% of mexicans earn more than 10 minimum wages (around 27,000 pesos) per month.

Even with all this adverse context, which is not consistent with the high rates of Apple devices, the same report of The CIU ensures that Apple accounts for 12% of the mobile market in Mexico this 2108, and whereas, it is estimated that in our country there are more than 100 million smartphone users, because there can do the math. Evidence that when it comes to the iPhone and the mexicans, “to want is power”.

So if you are one of those who are already making accounts to get with one of the new iPhone as soon as possible, these are the prices and availability in Mexico so that you are prepared. and Partners.

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