Beware! These apps are using your personal data on Facebook AGAIN!

Remember that in 2016 and 2017 became ultrapopulares the games and apps on Facebook how “oh, what Famous person are you most Like?!” or “How you would look if you were the opposite sex?”. Such apps are a danger to all who use them because, basically, are dedicated to collect all your data and sell them to the highest bidder.

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This practice represents a serious danger for the user because information contained on Facebook is delivered to corporations and companies of any part of the world for inclusion in databases and use them to send promotions, advertising, and until the information is manipulated, such as that which caused the scandal of the Cambridge Analytica this year on Facebook.

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Despite the fact that Facebook withdrew permits to thousands of applications that are dedicated to fraudulently collect data of millions of users, operators, as Vonvon, Quizzstar and Kueez retain their links with the platform to Mark Zuckerberg because they were in charge of “informing” in their terms and conditions what their goals are, though very rarely, a user reads before giving them access to their data.

As a new onslaught of vonvon -south Korean company that creates apps to collect your data – you are vitalizing again in Facebook and we have to warn you that you need to be very CAREFUL. This is a new version of “How you would look if you were the opposite sex?”, but with a variant that does so through a “mirror” (how the Snow White), is called “it’s about how you would be of the OPPOSITE SEX in the Mirror Magic!” And if you see her, stay away from it immediately, and recommend to your friend to manage the apps that have access to your data and delete it (it is very easy and here’s how).

This new “game”-App opera as their predecessors. When you see it in the timeline of someone and you click brings you to their site and invites you to play with a button “login with Facebook”. When you click the application already entered your photos and you were asked to choose one where you will appear in front of you to do your “act” and show you how to lucirías if you were of the opposite sex using FaceApp.

In 2017 several news media, including us, warned about the dangers of playing with these apps, but we have noticed that people continue to use them in your own prejudice. Be very careful and share to prevent this unfortunate practice will continue. We know that sometimes these games are very tempting, but believe us that using them is at your own detriment. and Partners.

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