Where does it come from our fascination with food that makes you fat? Science responds

Why some potato chips are more attractive than a carrot? Why would you want one of those donuts, super-sweet in place of to eat a salad? Everything seems to indicate that this is the fault of our brains, who prefer for some reason the food less healthy and more fattening.

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A team from the University of Yale, in the united States, studied how our brain responds to food in general and found that those that contain lots of carbohydrates as fat, resulted in the activation of the reward center of the brain, but all the more disproportionate.

Dana Small, a leader of the research, which was published in the journal Cell Metabolism, indicates that recorded the brain activity of a group of volunteers who taught them pictures of foods containing high amount of carbohydrates and fats, against other containing the product of both elements.

Data were significant. For example, volunteers had a response cerebral high when you showed them donuts, which had not occurred when the photos showed different types of cheeses. When he showed products that contained only sugar or only carbohydrates, the team noticed that the food that had both components, for example, donuts, generated in the brain of the volunteers a lot more activity in a region called the corpus striatum of the brain, which involves the production of dopamine, a neurotransmitter of pleasure.

Small and his team think that the brain must have different systems to assess content high in fat or carbohydrates. if both are activated at the same time, this induces the brain to produce more dopamine and thus have a greater sense of reward.

But in any case, you must explain the reason for this. Small and colleagues think that this is an effect that is seen now by the food that we consume, as before, human beings had a diet that was less sophisticated, as it only ate plants and animals and not processed foods.

The results of this research concur with studies in rodents, which revealed that they themselves can regulate how many calories they eat when given food containing only fat or carbohydrates, although interestingly, if you give them foods that contain both, then the result with rodents is that they are too feed and fattened.

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