Where did the train viral on the Ferrari, here you have

Surely in the last few days have seen tens of memes about the Ferrari, tattoos and decals, train viral, has reached all corners of the Internet, and which have evolved into true pieces of art and humor that have brought a lot of laughter from us.

But whence arose all this train, what caused that all descontrolara, since this is the history. It seems that it all began in 2016, when the specializing in show Business known as TVNotas, conducted an interview with the actor Ferdinando Valencia (which it seems that it is popular out in several mexican soap operas), where he was asked “¿te tatuarías?”, to which the actor replied with a “unlike many actors, I don’t have any tattoo or what I will have, because… when have you seen a Ferrari with bumper stickers?”

Well, two years later this is now out of control, and now this epic phrase of the actor whose ego led him to be compared to a Ferrari (a brand of luxury cars with a reputation marked by a history of over 70 years) has helped thousands of users to exploit their imagination, creating memes really funny.

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So if you have not yet seen the memes, here is some of the funniest we have found on the super highway of information known as the Internet.

Some brands such as Netflix or Google have jumped on this train viral, and has even been a trending topic on Twitter.

What has been the meme, the funny thing about Ferrari that you have read?

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