In this way you can get Mew in Pokémon GO

Pokémon GO, one of the most popular applications of all times, finally a part of one of the legendary creatures more slippery of the whole franchise, of course, we’re talking about Mew, though, if you thought that was going to be easy to find it, you are wrong.

In accordance with Niantic, the study developer of the mobile game, Pokémon GO will count with a system of quests to find the whereabouts of Mew, motivating the coaches to use their skills as detectives to investigate and follow in their footsteps.

Mew comes to re-conquer the lovers of Pokémon GO

Before anything else, you should know that starting this march 30, Pokémon GO add all the missions of research of Professor Willow (the one that trains your creatures in the application); however, there will be two-way game.

In the first line, the players will have to make a field research, touring pokeparadas that will have different objectives. The other method will be somewhat more complicated, since they consist of a special investigation, but that is still a mystery that no one knows.

What we do have certainty, is that they should get a day stamp that can only be unlocked with each mission. When you have played for 7 consecutive days, you can access the special mission in which you will be Mew waiting for you.

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Probably the path to take to get Mew, is one of the most complicated, but it is a fact that is worth to follow it completely. It will be a special dynamic and fun players to be able to be consistent and responsible in order to not miss this amazing opportunity.

What is the importance of Mew in the franchise of Pokémon?

It is a singular creature of psychic-type that was introduced in the first generation. It is the ancestor of all Pokémon because it has all the genes of Pokémon existing. Mew is a shy and hardly be seen by humans. You have the ability to learn almost all the moves, so that in the fighting, Mew is extremely versatile.

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What you will get to play Pokémon GO to catch Mew?

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