Deadpool 2 has a new full trailer and it is everything that we hoped for

You can hate him or love him, but you must admit that what extrañaste. Deadpool 2 is already entering the final straight towards its premiere in Mexico next may 16, and as dictated by the canons of the marketing of the comic book films, after several teasers and videos where he satirizes himself, comes the new full trailer with a glorious rain scene unedited.

You can not miss the progress of the new series of George R. R. Martin

Ryan Reynolds remains the acid anti-hero that became so successful in 2016 with the launch of the franchise, but now we can also see Josh Brolin in action as Cable, Zazie Beets in your paper of Dominos, the return of the beautiful Morena Baccarin and a lot of scenes only suitable for adults. Ah, in addition to the X-Force makes its official debut in cinema.

Take your precautions because the trailer is classed as a red band.

On what to expect from Deadpool 2, well, in addition to this exciting trailer, we want to tell you that in the four functions ultrarestringidas that there have been film scores have been above 90 points on average, according to The Hollywood Reporter, and that’s always good news.

This is the synopsis 20th Century Fox shared on YouTube, but it is best to enjoy the trailer, because WOW!

After having survived an attack of cattle near death, a disfigured chef of café (Wade Wilson) struggle to fulfill his dream to become the barman more attractive of Mayberry, as she learns to deal with the loss of your sense of taste. Wade, who seeks to regain the spark of life, as well as a flux capacitor, you need to fight against ninjas, the yakuza, and a pack of dogs sexually aggressive, while he travels the world to discover the importance of family, friendship and the taste —finding a new taste for adventure and getting the coveted cup of coffee with the title of ‘Best lover in the world’.