Dermatolólogos shared 9 secrets to make your skin look more healthy

When you go to the experts from the beauty, we always want to know the secrets of these professionals. What is the meaning of the care of the skin?What face masks you prefer in general? What is there to do to make the skin look fresh and radiant? tells you recommendations of experts.

Gentle cleaning without aggressive components is one of the main secrets of dermatologists. Choose the cosmetics that have ceramides (fatty substances), these keep your skin moist. In autumn it is better to use a cream or gel for facial cleansing, also tonics without alcohol and acids.

8. How much cream will you need?

The more, the better. This is the rule that dermatologists use to apply it into the palm of a sufficient amount of cream sunscreen, which is very important to preserve the youthfulness of your skin. Choose the dose: half a teaspoon will be enough to apply cream in two layers.

7. Thermal water against dry skin

To preserve the elasticity of the skin, dermatologists use a spray with water thermal spring, which contains copper, iron, sodium, and calcium. The water is full of complex minerals, including selenium, which helps protect against ultraviolet rays.

6. While the less, the better

Take small jars. When approaching the expiry date of the products useful properties of the cosmetic weaken and the active substances do not give you a wonderful result.

5. The correct positions

The tilt of the head-down improves the blood circulation and obtaining of oxygen makes your skin more bright. The regular practice of yoga also reduces inflammatory processes and combat the stress.

4. Uses an appropriate set

Wrinkles appear particularly while you sleep, in that influences the material of the shams of the pillows that you use. A sheath of silk will not allow the formation of wrinkles, since the skin will slide off.

3. Complex effective care

It is best to use in the mornings, the sunscreen and antioxidants. Retinoids (which are creams that have vitamin A, fight against wrinkles, sagging skin and dark spots) and peptides (for more sensitive skin), in the evenings. This complex works better together.

2. Protection during the fall

During the fall, the cream has to be more nutritious, do not use any gel! The content has to be of hyaluronic acid, vitamin C and E, ceramides and aloe vera. You should exfoliate with care the stratum corneum formed during the summer with the help of amino acids and organic oils (apricot, olive, shea, mango).

1. Protection with coconut

Any dermatologist knows that the coconut is a magical product for the skin. If you drink coconut milk regularly, you will notice your skin brighter after a couple of weeks. There are several recipes to make face masks that can be used by people with any skin type.

The skin care is not so difficult, you probably also know some recipes that are both simple but effective. I share them with us in the comments!

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