Discover 16 things that are forbidden in North Korea

The world is increasingly interested in North Korea. Their leader and government seek to continuously protect the nation from external influences, such as, for example, not allowing certain hairstyles or clothes. All of this makes us want to know more about the people of this country and its way of life.

In want to share with you 16 things that are forbidden in North Korea.

16. Western fashion

The north Korean leader Kim Jong-un has banned the jeans or denim jeans and other types of western clothing in the two border regions with China. Pyongyang is trying to fight against the influence of the western culture that extends from its big neighbor.

15. Coca Cola

Soft drinks in North Korea.

The trade embargo on Coca-Cola tax to North Korea makes it difficult to get a bottle of this drink there. However it is reported that some luxury shops in Pyongyang to sell the Coke produced in China.

14. Hairstyles

Kim Jong-un allows only 18 hairstyles for women and 15 for men. None of the hairstyles allows a change of color in the hair, so that it can be really difficult to buy hair dye in North Korea.

13. Sanitary towels

The sanitary pads and tampons are not available in North Korea. Women use pads reusable, as I used to do before.

12. Condoms

All types of birth control are forbidden in North Korea, so I get a condom is a very difficult task. Many adults north koreans will accept with pleasure condoms as a gift.

11. Property

The government of North Korea is the sole owner of the rights on land and property. This makes it virtually impossible to buy or sell houses or apartments. However, the people of North Korea have found ways of doing it, which led to the easing of the laws this year.

10. Shoes designer

If you’re in North Korea and you’re thinking about buying a pair of Manolo Blahniks, you don’t have luck. Shoes designer are not available, except in the border regions with China, they may have high heels produced in China for sale.

9. Christmas trees

North korea is officially a country atheist. The government prohibits and monitors all practice of religion. Therefore, you can not buy or possess christmas decorations such as Christmas trees.

8. Starbucks

The photo on the left may confuse you, but the truth is that the image is false: it was just a joke made by a tourist visiting the country. If you want to take a coffee in Pyongyang, you must visit one of the famous cafes Ryongwang Coffee Shop.

7. Cable tv

There are only 4 tv channels available in the country. Government censorship is so strong that it does not allow any other type of television.

6. Western magazines

The propaganda machine of North Korea prohibits all kinds of foreign media. The government and special agencies can control and monitor what is printed in the press. There are lifestyle magazines and the only ones who can read Korean will be “juche”, educational, or political.

5. Wifi and international calls

In a population of 15 million people, nearly a million north koreans own a cell phone. However, it is not possible to make international calls. There are also restrictions on the use of the 3G network. Foreigners that enter the country can buy a prepaid SIM card to make only calls to the outside.

4. Tickets for music concerts

Very few foreigners can act in North Korea. Therefore, go to a concert of your favorite musician is out of the question. The only band that was allowed to touch was the slovenian group called Laibach. Were introduced in Pyongyang in 2015. Instead, people can attend concerts of local bands.

3. Apple

2. Sports cars

Another article of luxury that is not available is the sports car. It is almost impossible to buy an expensive sports car, due to the sanctions of the United Nations and the European Union.

1. Holidays abroad

Water park Munsu in Pyongyang.

The north koreans are not allowed to go on holiday abroad. This is a violation of human rights, but the people of North Korea probably do not know this fact.

North Korean leaders are trying to protect their country from foreign influence. Prohibit many things, but the world in which we live is in constant evolution. Expect North Korea to stay the same is somewhat questionable. The people there and their lifestyles are changing slowly, because of the proximity with their neighbors to the north and the south.

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