Discover why the waiters give us to try wine in restaurants and how you must behave in order not to appear an ignorant

If you order a bottle of wine in a restaurant, a waiter or sommelier will bring it to your table, the descorchará and you will be offering. Seems to be a nightmare, right? Since a lot of people this situation causes discomfort: what to do after? Do you smell it? Do you take a sip and do understand that you liked? Why not just open it and go? If you don’t know the answers to these questions, read our article. found out in detail why we offer taste the wine from the bottle we just opened a restaurant, and what you should do in such a case not to make a big piece of paper.

Step 1: the waiter or sommelier will take you and show you the bottle

  • What for?

So that you can make sure that this is the wine that you ordered. After all, the waiters are also human and could take the bottle of the wrong shelf.

  • What should you do?

Carefully read the label and pay attention to the year of harvest.

Step 2: the employee of the restaurant will open the wine and will give you the cork

  • What for?

This is done so that you make sure that the cork is in good condition and does not have an unpleasant odor of mold or mildew. The same must be clean and should not crumble easily.

What happens is that around 2 % of the wines are infected with the so-called “disease of cork”. This happens when there is a substance known as TCA, influenced by the interaction of chlorine solutions that are used for the sterilization of the caps. This imbues the wine with a musty smell and an unpleasant taste.

  • What should you do?

Observe the cork. Some people, because of inexperience, believe that by smelling it you can feel the aroma of the wine. In fact, that makes no sense. You can do it, if you like, but you are only delivering to you make sure that the drink does not have the disease mentioned above.

Step 3: the waiter will serve you a little bit of wine and wait for you to try it out

  • What for?

This is the moment in which finally, you have to decide if you accept the wine or not. Of course, to be able to reject it and request a replacement you must have good reasons. You can’t ask to change the drink just because it turned out not to have the taste you were expecting. However, if the wine has an unpleasant smell or taste musty, it is a good excuse to replace it.

  • What should you do?

1. Pay attention to the color of the drink. Look at it against the white tablecloth or anything that will make the contrast. It is useful to know that white wine gets darker with time, and the red, on the contrary, becomes more clear.

2. You try to see the tone of the drink. The warm colors are very deep, should alert you. Reflections of a dark brown colour in the red wine, or orange in the white, often indicate that already is not in your best stage.

3. Make sure that you do not have sill (except in the cases permitted: natural sweet wines, red wines unfiltered and aged).

4. Take the glass by the stem. Not the shake. Acércala to your face, but not goals the nose. Breathe in the aroma of main wine. Move it: as well will feel the smells, secondary and tertiary (if applicable).

5. Test the wine, make sure that you do not have bad taste. Remember that it is a product variable, so if that is more acidic than you would expect, is not an excuse to reject it.

6. Indicates with a nod to the sommelier that everything is in order, and he will fill the glasses of the other guests at the table.

That is all, now you know what to do when the waiter of a restaurant or a sommelier will bring you a bottle of wine to your table. These rituals are quite simple and are primarily intended for that you make sure that the drink is exactly the one that you ordered, and it is in perfect conditions.

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