Find a crystal for mobile is repaired by pushing the broken edges

A team of researchers from the University of Tokyo (Japan) was investigating new adhesives when one of the students, Yu Yanagisawa, discovered that one of the compounds employed, the polyether thiourea, had the ability to adhere to itself when approaching the edges cut off. Yanagisawa confirmed then through new experiments that had not been a coincidence and it really was a material able to repair itself when cut, re-gather the edges and is pressed for 30 seconds at an ambient temperature of 21 degrees celsius

Although it is not the first compound with this ability, yes it is novel also because it is not soft like rubber, but “structurally robust” as the glass, that could replace on the screens of our mobile phones, unfortunately for the companies that change the screens of smartphones and manufacturers of covers. Also noteworthy is its ability to self-repair at room temperature, because other similar materials require temperatures of up to 120 degrees to eliminate breakage. The research has been published in Science by a team led by researcher Takuzo Akida and that includes, of course, to Yanagisawa.

Although scientists have shown to NHK hoped that this material will become the standard of the mobile screens, have not offered any date that could be on the market.

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