We discover how much harm, in reality, the different ways of smoking

The consequences to the body by smoking can be read in the boxes of cigars. That’s why many smokers who do not want to stop smoking completely, looking for alternative: electronic cigarettes, vaping or hookah. But is it safe?

Great.guru decided to analyze this issue. We are anxious to share the results.


What is commonly used to call “cigarette”, the tobacco industry documents World Health Organization calls “electronic systems of administration of nicotine”). Nicotine, carbon monoxide, acetone, arsenic, methane, polonium… no, this is not a chemistry class, but the content of a cigarette. The researchers calculated that the smoke of the cigarette contains 7.357 chemical compounds of different classes.

For example, tobacco smoke contains carbon monoxide, which when entering the blood, it forms a strong connection with hemoglobin. Due to this the smoker is suffering from lack of oxygen. For those who smoke constantly, any physical activity becomes a real challenge.

Amount annual average of cigarettes smoked by a person.

In addition we must remember the following:

  • Two boxes of cigars contain a deadly dose of nicotine. Means that after this amount of cigars at the same time, you can call the medical services.
  • A pack of cigarettes is equivalent to receiving the radiation of 500 x-rays.
  • After smoking, the nicotine reaches the brain within seven seconds and causes a spasm in the blood vessels. Therefore, it causes the interruption of the supply of oxygen to the tissues.

Cigarettes “light”

The cigarettes “light” they claim to be the least harmful, but it is not so. Yes, they contain a reduced amount of tar and nicotine. But this is not the main component in a cigarette. There are others who unfortunately are not described in the pack. In the cigarettes “light” there is a very high concentration of nitrosamines, carcinogenic substances that do not form part of the tar, but the own tobacco.

A group of carcinogens is controlled and the second is left without supervision, for the consideration of the producers.

In addition, the body of the smoker requires its dose of nicotine, and if smoking is less than before, only leads to not only buy one but two packs.


The main argument in favor of the pure is that you can’t smoke in the street and add prestige to the image of men. Yes, it is true that not smoke as much cigars as cigars. But the same cigar contains as much tobacco and harmful substances such as a pack full of cigarettes normal.

Therefore, you make the choice between a large dose of venom with a lower frequency or, to the contrary, low doses but frequently.

After numerous studies, they found that the smoke from cigars was the leader of the mutagenicity. Toxicologists established that the pure exceeded to 2.43 times in this to cigarettes normal.

Cigar homemade

The cigars home are the same that the cigars were normal, but the difference between them is little. The fact that you yourself “create” your own cigar components convenience does not reduce the damage caused by the process of smoking. Carbon monoxide, nicotine and ammonia is the list of harmful substances that has no difference of a cigar normal.

In addition, according to scientists from the University of Otago, New Zealand, cigarettes home may cause more harm to the cigars classics.

The analysis of the components of tobacco in the cigars and normal home showed that the cigars were normal contain around 0.5 per cent of different harmful additives in and the home can contain up to 18 percent.


Usually do not smoke the pipe deeply, only smoke in the mouth, you savor and exhale. In spite of all, the basic substance active that causes the addiction is nicotine, that of all modes are absorbed by the body, although in a small amount.

To smoking a pipe, typically using tobacco of high quality, which is much better than that of the cigarettes. In addition, the smoking pipe, there is no role for cigarettes or glue, whose products of combustion are also harmful.

At the same time, the main toxic components that can poison the body of a human being are completely identical both in cigars and in pipe. All the tobacco smoke contain carcinogens. The burning of the tobacco pure within a pipe, the more harmful it is to inhale the smoke.

Electronic cigarettes

The main task of the electronic cigarettes was to get rid of the habit of smoking by replacing smoke bitter fragrant smoke. The amateur smokers choose the liquid that contains nicotine and reduce gradually its dose to smoking.

At the same time, the analysis of blood and urine of the lovers of the electronic cigarettes showed that are equally affected by the nitrosamines and polymers toxic. The nicotine that is contained in them causes the addiction and it is considered as a strong neurotoxin.


“There is No doubt that vaping is less hazardous than smoking cigarettes normal —says Stanton Glantz, a researcher at the University of California—. At least because electronic cigarettes create vapor and not smoke, as the smoker inhales less nicotine that could”.

Even if you choose a liquid that does not contain nicotine, it does not mean that your body positively influence.

The main component of any liquid for vaping is propylene glycol and glycerin. Scientists discovered that during the heating to decompose and this causes the release of toxic substances, such as formaldehyde and acrolein. The formaldehyde has a negative effect on the nervous system and the acrolein is irritating to the mucous membranes of the respiratory tract and eyes.

During the heating of the vaping way vapor and finely dispersed. This is easily inhaled and does not burn in the airways. However, with a warming strong, the pieces of liquid of the electronic cigarettes lie in the lungs of the human being. Especially in this aspect is the most damage the vaping.


The advertising of the hookah or hookah assures us that it is one of the safer ways of smoking. We say that all of the harmful additives are filtered out by the water, that the tobacco is burning weakly and it doesn’t burn. Therefore, the smoke does not have nicotine or harmful substances.

However, the smoke of hookah, even after passing through the water filter, contains a large amount of toxins: heavy metals and carcinogens.

The scientists of Asia and Africa, they discovered that the smoke, despite the fact that it passes through the coolant is not cooled to a safe temperature. The flammable products of the tobacco, which is heated up to 400 degrees, simply do not have time to cool, passed through a flask with water and a tube. Inhaling streams of smoke that are too hot, burn microfibers in our larynx, which makes it more simple dust and the substance harmful to the air in our lungs.

The american scientists went further and carried out studies of urine and saliva. As a result, it was informed that the composition of the blood of the smokers of tobacco and hookah are about the same. One and the other containing carbon monoxide and derivatives of nicotine. On the other hand, we found a significant difference in a group of people who smoked tobacco without nicotine. Its indicators were almost normal.

Our article only proves once more that everything is good in moderation and that it’s not worth abusing. After all, health is one of the most important values for the human being.

What you think is possible to give up this bad habit common in all the world?

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