We discovered what bathing suits will be fashionable in the summer of 2018, and we choose some elegant designs for any type of figure

Today, the swimsuit is an integral part of the summer wardrobe. Almost anywhere in the world you can freely use the models very open on the beach. But there are countries where the bathing suits have a different appearance, which is not familiar to us. For example, muslim women can only wear burkini, and the bikinis were banned originally in the countries where they lived as catholics many years ago. Fortunately, today, the majority of the women can afford a wide range of models.

This year, the choice of styles and colours is so diverse that every girl can feel irresistible, simply by choosing the bathing suit right. Great.guru offers 10 of the best ideas and juicy for an exit to the beach.

1. The polka dots are back in vogue

Another proof that everything returns. The fashion of the lunar came to us from the 50’s and has remained popular for several years. The swimsuit with a print similar to the image of the beach to be light and playful.

2. Ruffles, fringes and ties will make the image more feminine

A variety of ruffles, bows and fringes, they look very sweet. With its help, you can hide shortcomings and emphasize the virtues with success. If you have big hips, you should choose the top decorated with one of these elements, and vice versa. This technique will make your figure look great.

3. New trend: zippers and intertwinings

Now they are fashion bathing suits mono and bikinis with different zips and intertwinings. Sports models with zippers are especially popular. Add salt to the styles family.

4. The swimwear white highlight brown skin

The girls often wear bathing suits white as the snow along with the colors. After all, many of you know that the skin tanning becomes more remarkable in contrast with the white clothing. With a style selected correctly, this bathing suit will become an embellishment for any figure.

5. The best of the season: prints with palm trees, flowers, and fruit

The designers of the fashion house Dolce & Gabbana were inspired by the floral motifs and sea to create bathing suits for the beach season: 2018. This summer, the drawings of bright palm trees, roses, lush, and various fruits will be as current as ever.

6. Neon colors deep

The bright colors attract attention and are suitable for all. Therefore, in the trends of fashion this year, neon colors that stand out favorably tanning.

7. Monokini will accentuate your figure with success

The monokini is a swimsuit one piece with necklines more seductive. A connected model in the middle, with knives transparent of the two sides (or without them) will accentuate the beautiful curves of the figure, and makes it look thinner. The designers of Victoria’s Secret presented a monokini connected to the sides. It is suitable for the girls who want to emphasize the belly and beautiful legs.

8. Swimsuit fabrics in the style boho

These bathing suits are chosen by girls who prefer sunbathing on the beach more than swimming. For swimming, it is worth to choose models that are minimalist that they are not overloaded with frills and details bulky.

9. Geometric print

These prints are suitable for any type of figure. This year they are very popular, cheerful colors, the geometric patterns of pastel shades and rainbow stripes.

10. Animal print

The color that reminds the skin of an animal looks very tempting. This summer’s swimwear with leopard print and other animals will again be in fashion.


In this season, the towels regular are replaced by towels round colors more interesting. Can be carried to the beach, to picnic and even to yoga.

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