Detectives were told few details of your profession that you can use it for personal purposes

When you start a conversation about private detectives, people imagine the heroes of Hollywood blockbusters in persecutions, shootings, and even gentlemen in smart suits doing research with deductive methods. Yes, the image of Sherlock that much worship is so far removed from reality as everything else.

Detectives today frequently work with a computer, using a computer and social engineering. will reveal the secrets of the detectives professionals that will be very useful for your daily life or help you to perform your own research, but for this it is best to hire professionals.

1. A good smartphone and a notebook with a pen

The detective modern no longer need as many microchambers, dictáfonos and browsers. All of this is your smartphone.

The laptop is useful for work with data bases or special programs, where you will need a large screen and a comfortable keyboard. For example, to see what web sites are visited by the object of interest, or compare two documents.

The pad and pen always have to be with you. Often the notes out of the margin and the drawings help to perceive and memorize information much better than digital notes. And it is more convenient to make diagrams in the book than on the screen of your phone. The book will never let you down, because she does not need a charger.

Therefore, even if you are not professional, remember: a good smartphone and a notebook with a pen are your actual helpers.

2. We all lie

Do you remember the phrase of Dr. House about that everybody lies? The detectives know better than anyone. But they can always distinguish the truth from a lie. Read the body language of the interlocutor will help you to know when you want to deceive you.

For example:

  • Eyebrows raised during a conversation seemingly simple indicate that the partner is afraid or is frightened.
  • Does your partner looks at you too? It is very likely that you try to lie or hide something.
  • A stiff neck, jaw tight and eyebrows furrowed indicate great discomfort of the partner. Maybe you have touched some uncomfortable subject for him.

These are not all the signs specific. Learn how to notice them. For this, for example, play with your friends “Bluff”.

3. Charm artificial natural

You have recognized the lie, but not all. It is important to receive the information and not only understand who owns it.

Detectives professionals to practice their skills by communicating with people. Know that it is easier to obtain information by gaining the benevolence of the interlocutor. We apply the psychology of new.

One of the most common methods to win your inerlocutor is to use “open positions”. The palms of the hands facing up, legs straightened and uncrossed, and the back relaxed. Only acts in a natural way.

It also works very well-the “reflection”. During the dialogue repeats these gestures, used in your speech constructions of your partner. Do not hesitate, at the level of your subconscious you will start to feel sympathy towards you.

Be attentive when communicating with a stranger, because someone can use these tricks against you.

4. Elementary, Watson

At the mention of thinking deductive, immediately we remember Sherlock Holmes. Perhaps the Holmes hidden inside you to not work, but here are some tips on how to develop this intuition and deduction.

  • Meditate. Meditation improves concentration and attention. Half an hour a day is enough. They all have their own method. Sherlock spent hours playing the violin. Someone will prefer the gym and someone will hear music with the eyes closed. The most important thing: observe your breath and your thoughts.
  • Trains the memory. This skill will never be more. You may have to remember a phone number or account complicated and you have not followed our advice about the pen and the book. The memory will help you! For example, to train her try to learn 10 words in foreign daily. At the same time improvements to the language, which will also be useful.
  • Solve puzzles on logic or crossword puzzles. In the first place you expand your horizons, and in the second place, you make your brain to function. For example, has several exercises here and here.

And as a side note, oddly enough, Sherlock uses induction and not deduction.

5. ¡Jaque mate!

Surely you’ve seen in movies several times how the main heroes play beautifully games chess and, of course, the end.

In our opinion, this character gains extra points. At least we understand immediately that all is well with your intellect.

To play chess is not just a way to pass the time, but also a entrenamientro for both hemispheres of your brain. Chess develops the intellect and strategic thinking, you will not only takes a detective career, but it also in daily life.

If you play very good chess and you can even play openings and defenses, try to play chess at three, as in the previous image.

6. I Run Forrest, Run!

Yes, even detectives modern have to run sometimes. Not only in Hollywood movies.

For this run it is an advantage:

  • It can be a substitute for meditation. Breathing uniform, measured pace and, now yes, you will be distracted from the problems and you will solve a problem of the detective.
  • The practice of athletics, the person becomes more balanced. After all, the body is saturated with oxygen and the brain begins to work better. You’ll be able to control more effectively your emotions, solve important problems, and easily handle stressful situations.
  • As you know, you strengthen your muscles and your health.

To run for an hour at a steady pace, a runner can burn 500 to 600 calories. This is very important for the office workers. There are apps on your phone that will help you to start running. This is another proof that a smartphone is a friend irreplaceable for a good detective.

7. Trust No one and nothing

In the first place, don’t trust in yourself.

The conclusion most obvious is not always the most correct. Often it is the other way around. Remember: your thought is preconceived, you are ready to confirm your point of view. Usually give preference to the hypothesis consistent with your beliefs.

Looking for confirmations of alternative points of view. Put it all in doubt. Yes, it is difficult, but this will awaken your thinking.

For a start, you can try to look for a profound reason. For example, using the rule of “5 why”. Its elaboration belongs to Sakita Toyoda, the founder of the Toyota company.

Example of how it works:

  • Today did not went to work. Why?
  • I got a headache. Why?
  • Yesterday I worked a lot. Why?
  • I left the things to make them later. Why?
  • I do not like what I do. Why?
  • I wanted to be a cook, but I finished the race management because my parents insisted on this.

What would you advice to this person who came to such a conclusion? Don’t be in a hurry. Remember that your mind is preconceived.

8. Graphology modern

All people have a form of writing. But now she is on the internet. Only now you do not have the inclination of the letters, and all kinds of traits and plumazos.

Graphology modern considers the texts on the internet and compares it with particular people.

Someone at the end of sentences placed dots, others write the complete word “that” in place of “q”. Someone uses a specific set of emoticons and their sequences. Others end their messages with phrases like “okay” or “ok”.

Look at yourself and your partner in the network. Test to identify the characteristic elements. Try to change your style. This is also a good workout for your brain.

9. If you pursue

We hope that you have not robbed banks or have disclosed state secrets. Then, it is most likely to be a coincidence. But if the matches are more like a persecution, remember: you will not be able to discover to the professionals. If they follow you, then they are fans. That is why the maximum discomfort for them is to have a car scratched, or a sentence is obscene to the entrance of the housing complex.

And if the suspicions are serious, follow the following simple rules:

  • Do not speed up this step, but change your pace of journey.
  • Move it in the public places, there you’ll be able to escape.
  • Not to turn back and not look through the shoulder. You will discover . And that means that the next time you pursued with more care.
  • He went to the police. Yes, even detectives professionals come to the police in case of danger. It is not an action movie, but real life.

The safety is above all. Remember this rule.

As you see, the detectives professionals don’t have advice for you how you have to escape from a chase or how to handle a cheating spouse. That is a job for them.

Only be attentive and careful. And remember: it is never too late to begin to develop your own skills. And each person has them.

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