Stop to 5 naked people in an accident in case of more crazy that the police have seen in a long time

We’ve read so many cases of reckless driving, which is a little surprising to us. But there is always someone who manages to overcome everything we have seen before, and this case would not be less.

On a rural road in Niksu, Alberta, Canada, police found a car that had suffered a collapse against a truck. To the surprise of the officers when they approached the car they saw that the travelling on it they were completely naked, and of course, there had to be a reason.

A case of crazy

When they marched, picked up by this good man, the BMW located the truck and began to beat him behind what he did that fell into a ditch.

Just at that moment came the police and took out the kidnappers of the vehicle, handcuffed them, and arrested them.

The crew of the vehicle were five: a man and four women. Authorities believe that drugs and alcohol influence their behaviors.

Two unders have been released without charges, and older age have been accused of kidnapping and resistance to authority.

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Source: Twitter / CTV News

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