This Chinaphone seems to have a very on iPhone X

Smartphones from China are their counterfeit image is slowly but surely losing. However, there are still companies that prefer to existing devices to copy itself something original come up, such as Leagoo.

Leagoo works on the Leagoo S9, reports The Verge. This is the name already a lot like the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S9, but the Leagoo S9 seems to continue just as two drops of water on the iPhone X. From a distance, you would say the difference is probably not visible, but the internal hardware is a lot less powerful. In addition, running on Android, the iPhone X, of course not.

Better well nicked…

“Better well stolen than badly invented”, is a tegeltjeswijsheid that Leagoo longer hang on the wall. The Leagoo S8 appears to be speaking on the Galaxy S8, in name and in appearance. On the other hand: the Leagoo S9 costs will soon be translated around 250 euros, an iPhone X costs more than 1000 euros. Or that it is worth, you read in the iPhone X-review of our Computer!Total-colleagues.

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