Didi arrives in Mexico with all the intention of defeating Uber

In Mexico, the private transport has gained great relevance and can be observed with various existing companies such as Uber, Cabify or Easy Taxi. However, it seems that a new taxi service is of chinese origin, wants to dominate and lead the list of private transportation in the country.

This is Didi Chuxing, the transportation company largest private in China, because it provides service to its more than 1,300 million inhabitants. Mexico is one of the countries with the most profitable market for Uber, Didi has found a great niche of opportunity in our territory to provide their services.

According to the magazine Forbes, Didi is planning carefully your strategy to start operating in Mexico. In fact, some of the employees have been traveling in Uber so unknown to identify weaknesses, strengths and other aspects that could help the company to differentiate itself from Uber.

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According to some rumors, Didi would begin operations in the first instance in the city of Toluca, but the plan is to expand throughout Mexico, although that is yet to be confirmed. In turn, it has been commented that Didi, in addition to offering vehicles using an application, you want to go beyond launching services of bicycles, scooters and motorcycles.

Not surprised that Didi managed to overtake Uber, because it has the pockets full of money, because large companies have invested thousands of dollars such as Apple or SoftBank Group. The chinese company has managed to raise almost $ 10 billion to fund its global expansion only during the last year.

The fact that Didi plan to settle in Mexico, would be the first step that the company makes outside of Asia. However, Didi is under a lot of pressure because you have to justify your valuation of 56,000 mdd.

How big is Didi at the global level?

Didi Chuxing, to participate in chinese market, is the company of private transport-largest in the world, serving 450 million users; even last year, there were over 7,400 million trips, almost double what Uber has registered, and thus could represent a major threat in Mexico for Uber, which provides service to 7 million customers.

Uber, so far, is the company that dominates Latin America, but in Mexico has achieved a reach of 87 per cent until August last year. The control of the operation of Didi, is Lin Ma, who also helped to launch the incursion of Uber in China, but that turned out to be a failure.

Didi has hired at least 5 employees of Uber that you have experience in marketing, strategy and training of drivers, a strong hit that could help the chinese company to pump in Mexico. However, they have not been mentioned by many official details about it, so we’ll have to wait for Didi to issue an official statement announcing your arrival.

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Do you think that Didi can pass Uber in Mexico?

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