Say goodbye to the filter Beautygate with the new iOS 12.1 for iPhone XS

A month ago, the iPhone XS were caught up in a situation much controversy for one of its features, causing the birth of the filter Beautygate, a hashtag on Twitter that accused Apple of racist.

This was due to the filter bezel could not turn off and because it was not showing the real way in which it was the face of the users; so, knowing this, the company decided that it would take away this feature from their iPhone XS.

This filter worked by an element that was embedded in the phone’s camera: Smart HDR, which made the self-portraits or selfies are seen with greater brightness, causing the faces they looked as if they were all made up.

Resultado de imagen para beautygate

This meant that any kind of scar or mark of acne that you had on your face will notice, which made her angry to hundreds of people who indicated that Apple was doing it on purpose to impose the canons of beauty and to tell the society what is beautiful and what is not.

However, Apple came out to defend their smartphones , explaining that this was due to such a tool, but to avoid this kind of situations continue to grow, the company opted to remove the filter Beautygate.

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This will be done with the new iOS version 12.1, which will remove this error from selection of frame to stop take into account, and therefore, to soften the image, however, if there are users that want to see this disappear from their cell phones, they should wait a couple more weeks.

This last is because iOS 12.1 is in beta phase, at the fifth beta to be exact, which means that missing two more to be released to the public. What you are disturbed by this filter baptized as Beautygate or really gave them the same? and Partners.

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