Disney officially launches ESPN+ and this itself would be the “Netflix” of sports

Months after the fiasco that was Sportsflix, now yes we might already have the “Netflix” of sports. It’s called ESPN+, and is the platform that Disney anticipated for months, and today officially launched.

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The service -which will be by subscription with a fee of 4.99 per month or 49.99 $ per year, and will be available only in the united States in its first stage – broadcast live to more than 10,000 sporting events not broadcast on television, in addition to exclusive content “on-demand”, as a new documentary about the controversial college basketball coach Bobby Knight.

The big difference from ESPN+ with the other service of the brand WatchESPN pair their subscribers of pay TV traditional, is that the new platform not account with the games or the programs of the traditional channels of ESPN, which means no NBA and no NFL.

According to the company the service will provide to the hearing parties of Major League Baseball, Major League Soccer, and National Hockey League, as well as games of rugby, golf, cricket and other sports.

This new service is part of a strategy of Disney as a response to the trend that is migrating subscribers from cable services to the streaming platforms. “This is strategic for us,” said Kevin Mayer, a resident of the unit direct-to-consumer and international Disney, during a conference in Los Angeles. “This is an effort of many years. It will take some time to evaluate how it has a result”, he added.

ESPN+ is designed for sports fans who want more programming, and for people who can’t find their teams or favorite sports on television, said executives of Disney.

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