Dome presents his chart of everything that happens on the Internet in a minute edition 2018

Although we use the Internet all the time, every day, I rarely measure everything that circulates on the super highway of information. To create a good picture of this volume of data, the company specialized in market intelligence, Domo, has spent several years compiling the data of the data flow on the Web and already presented the edition 2018, taking the total number average of 2017.

GRAPH: the speed of The súpercomputadoras has grown more than 100-fold in this decade

And like every year, they do not cease to surprise the numbers that appear here. For example: 4,333,560 people are watching videos in YouTube; it is made almost 3.9 million searches in Google; they 6,940 matches on Tinder; are sent 1,111 packages of the Amazon; are downloaded more than 18 millions of GIFs from Giphy; Uber ships 1,389 cars and so on.

A fact that should be emphasized is that Netflix increased 40% in the volume of streams per minute with respect to 2017, with a jump of 97,222 hours of video this year compared with 69,444 hours.

Dome is not the only one who performs this exercise on what happens on the Internet every minute, just a few weeks ago I had what the marketing specialist Lori Lewis had been evaluated according to its own data.

Domo ago a special section for the use of social networks, a phenomenon that increases each day and that in Mexico represents 90 percent of the total users of the Internet. Of facts the most popular platforms in the industry continue to show growth: Snapchat has increased by 294%, and the shared photos in Instagram have grown a 5,65%, with 49.380 photos uploaded every minute. Interestingly, the GIF on Giphy have risen a spectacular 110%.

The report of Dome is fixed on the behavior of americans on the Internet and concludes that these have increased the use of data in a 18% during 2018. In particular, in one minute the americans use of 3,128 million gigabytes of Internet data, 18% more than in 2017.

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