Where to watch the presidential debate in Mexico by Internet

Tomorrow, Sunday April 22 will be held the first presidential debate between aspiring to occupy the highest political office of our country, and as mentioned in the INE (Instituto Nacional Electoral), the debate will be broadcast live on the Internet, and here we tell you how and where to see it.

In this debate, will participate in the candidates, Margarita Zavala (Independent), Jaime Rodriguez “El Bronco” (Independent), Andrés Manuel López Obrador (Brown), Ricardo Anaya (PAN/PRD) and José Antonio Meade (PRI).

The debate will begin at 20:00 hrs (time of Mexico City), and will take place within the Palace of Mining UNAM.

To view the article we will be able to do this through the following platforms:

These are the official channels which will broadcast the debate, however, some broadcasters also important will be a simulcast from their official social networks and web sites, as is the case of Univision, Millennium TV, TV Azteca, Televisa, TV UNAM, Channel Eleven, Channel of Congress and 787 stations permisionadas to this debate.

How to register on the Internet to vote on 1 July from abroad?

If you want to follow the trends on this debate, the INE has been mentioned that the hashtag used in the social networks will be #VotoLibre, #DebateDelDebate, #Debate, #Presidential, #DebateINE.

What he says from what platform you will see the presidential debate tomorrow?

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