Where and how can I see in Mexico the rainy season stars in April?

The wonders of the Universe surprise us with some frequency here in our humble home known as Earth. The most recent us going to play in Mexico and I think that you should give you the opportunity to see it. It is a series of rain of stars, or meteors to be more precise, that you can appreciate from our chula land.

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From this Monday, April 16, and until the end of the month, the sky Chilango lights up with the lyrids, a meteor shower formed by small particles of dust and rock that shed the comet Thatcher during its passage through our solar system.

We know that the name “meteor shower” can be frightening to many, because we think that will drop giant rocks from the sky; don’t panic, the rain of stars in April, is harmless, because the lyrids are like shooting stars.

The lyrids are known so because the comet Thatcher comes from the constellation Lyria. In addition, it is one of the astronomical phenomena more ancient, since the first record of them dates back more than 2,000 years ago. Since then, it can be observed annually during almost the same dates.

How can I see them?

The rain of stars, in April, will be visible throughout most of the Northern Hemisphere and that includes Mexico. In addition, the good news is that for observation do not need any special equipment. Just look at the sky (preferably to the east) and wait to see the show.

This year, it is estimated that the maximum extent of the phenomenon during the early hours of Sunday 22 April, when you will be able to see more than a dozen meteors per hour.

What is recommended is to see them away from artificial lights. So if you have a plan to get out of the city during the weekend, take advantage of even more to see this meteor shower.